New nurse - slightly over a year experience - how to get into Med Surge

  1. 0 Hi, here's the deal. Was in communications, highly successful; Job market changed; went to school to be a nurse (RN) because, I wanted to be a nurse when I was a kid, but guys weren't supposed to be nurses; graduated as RN with honors; have a great mentor - told me to stick it out for year wherever I could get a spot...Rehab nursing...actually worked out well...enough general nursing to learn...from blood draws, wound care, narcs for addicts, worked with troubled kids; admissions; so, got a lot of basic skills - not med surge skills, but good, solid basic skills; whenever someone else didn't want to do something, I did...for the experience...can get a blood draw, then you can start an IV, etc. Been a good year...did different shifts...PM adolescent; AM Detox and Rehab; now, I'm overnights overseeing all the areas for experience as well as being "Charge Nurse. Plus, it's a great shift for both school and to take my time and get into Med Surge, which is where I really want to move to; preparing to convert my RN to BSN - only have about 8 classes, so, how do I "break in" to Med Surge. I don't really have any contacts in any of the hospitals, but I've joined ANA and trying to build up contacts....any help out there...need no hurry....I have a good job...not great pay, but good pay for a year out RN.
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    Best thing you can do is just apply around. There is usually a demand for med surg nurses. Hopefully you can find your dream job! Good luck!
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    From my experience searching for jobs med/surg floors are always hiring!! It sounds like you have great experience and are willing to try/do anything the job requires. All you need to do is apply and say exactly what you said here during an interview!! I dont think you will have a problem, good luck my friend!!

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