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Ok. I just completed my first day on the floor. I feel horrible, there was no structure to the day, I was just thrown out there to care for five patients with my preceptor. I know my organizational... Read More

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    To the OP- One thing that I copied as a new grad from another RN was the idea of an hourly "to do" list/timeline in addition to the "brain sheet" (I incorporated it into my "brain" sheet). I would write in each hour for my shift (I work pms), and then fill in when meds or treatments were due for my current shift. Something like this...I would put the room number of the patient and an "X" by the room if they had more than one medication due at that time). Example below is an hourly example of a pm shift starting at 1500 (3 pm):

    1500-Rm 222x, Rm 232x

    1600-Rm 243

    1700-Rm 222 accucheck

    1800-Rm 222 TPN

    1900-Rm 228x

    2000-Dressing change Rm 222

    2100-Rm 222x and accucheck, Rm 232x, Rm 243x, RM 252x

    2200-Lab draw Rm 232


    The beauty of this, was you are able to see where the bulk of your medpass is when the shift first starts and work around that. I would cross off the room number as I finished the med pass/treatment, etc. If there are certain hours in your shift where there are few meds/treatments, you can utilize this to plan for as needed tasks that you hope to complete...i.e. ambulating a patient, some teaching you want to do, maybe a PICC line dressing change is due, or whatever else needs to be done. You're working around med times, but also can write in reminders such as if you need to check the result of a lab draw (ie. a vanco level, etc) or a timed draw, etc. I found it very helpful to keep me on track, especially when there are so many distractions.
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    I am so happy to have stumbled on this thread. My aunts are nurses and have suggested that i begin in med/surg and I feel that my neurotic personality will fit one I am done with nursing school. This info is very helpful. thank you!
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    I know I'm way late but can someone email me that brain sheet to abeautiful01@ I'm working on medsurg now and I could really use this. Thanks in advance.
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    Great post!
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    Quote from PediLove2147
    I'll share my "brain" because I created it myself and I am quite proud of it!

    There is a lot to it but it keeps me organized.
    I am a brand new nurse, what does svc mean on your brain sheet? I really appreciate your help. I am very happy that I found your sheet.
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    hi, I know it is hard when you first start out, this is what I do, I use a separate brain sheet for each patient, so if you have 5 patients I print out 5 sheets. It is also difficult with a preceptor because the way she does things might be different then the way you do things. a little advice with medical surgical nursing that has really helped me, go to the most critical patients first and do the most critical tasks first, i.e. giving blood, hooking someone up to telemetry, they tell you to prioritize in nursing school and that is really true, that is the key I think, but there is always stuff you will have to learn as you go, and sometimes you will just feel like your day is a disaster, at least I do sometimes lol, maybe it's just is a brain sheet that looks really good
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    I too am having a hard time getting organized... My hospital does bedside shift report and it starts at 6:45-7 and last 7:30-8.. So there is no time to get organized... The best day I've has so far is because I came in an hour early and worked off the clock for free... My preceptor does this and looks at me like I'm late if I get there at 630... And as soon as we're done she says to start meds, she makes me give all 9-10 meds starting at 730, so any advice on organizing my day when it seems like you start out an hour behind???
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    ok this is what I think I would do, get some brain sheets, you can print them up for each patient, while
    you are taking report, fill in the blanks you can find, and while you are giving your meds, try to observe and ask questions and fill in some more blanks on the paper if your preceptor will let you. I would also if you can before you start print out med sheets if you are able to do that, at my hospital I can, if not find out when your meds are and write the times down quickly. You have to organize around the times that you give meds. Also find out what treatments or tasks are the most important. Such as, hanging blood or plasma, hooking someone up to telemetry, stuff like that , the key that I have seen in med surg is prioritization, organization too, but prioritizing, that is what can make it hard sometimes because you may have 100 things you could do but what are the most important and go down the list in your head. I cant always remember sometimes if I have a minute i'll start writing things down that I need to do on the back of my brain sheet for each patient. anyway, I hope that helps, I struggled too at the beginning, I still struggle sometimes, just remember that you can always have a bad day because you are taking care of people and stuff can always happen
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    and also remember you will not be with a preceptor forever, and then you will be able to organize your own way, sometimes their way of doing things doesn't work for you, don't worry
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    Okay so... I realize this is a older post but hopefully I can still get some responses, that's would be great. Here are my questions. Okay first, I love the idea of a brain sheet I used something like it in school. But for actually working do you back copies of new sheets everyday you go to work? Also, you have a different brain sheet for each patient?? So l may have 6 patients. So I have all 6sheets with me? Is that how you all do it? Does anyone have a organized way to only use one sheet? Just trying to find what will work best. Any idea would be great! And very much appreciated
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    can I have them also? thank you
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    Dear CUMC, could you please share your brain sheet with me? I am in the same situation on my med/surg/tele floor. Thank you.