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    I will be working on a medical floor sometimes next month and would like to know how your schedules like on your floor. I assume 7a-7p meds and tx schedules on med/surg very generic across the board and won't be too much of a different? How are the meds being scheduled? How many times are the pts being medicated for 7a-7p shift? I work in rehap as prn. My shift is 3-11p. After obtaining the report during shift change, I have to do BS check, pass meds, do tx. After these done, I then do charting and other stuff. Once charting is done than I start the 9pm meds. Sometimes I get behind but only because I have 20+ pts to deal with. We would be extremely lucky to have less than 15 pts. How is that compare to the hospital? From what I was told, each nurse will have 5-8 pts so to me this is doable consider I have to care for 20+ in 8 hours shift in the rehap. Do I have a realistic expectation here? I can't wait to hear what you all have to say. Thanks!
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  3. by   tokmom
    8 pts on a med/surg floor seems rather high to me. I don't know what your acuity is, but six is my max and I really prefer 4-5!

    Our 6a-6:30 pm goes something like this

    06-0630: Obtain report
    0630-0830: Do accuchecks, insulin, assess pt's, chart
    0830-0900: Continue the above, and give report in disposition rounds, While waiting, seeing to pt's, hanging IV's, pain meds, etc.
    0900-1000: Start 1000 meds, do morning care, assessments continue, walk pt's dressing changes, etc...
    1130-1200 Meds, accuchecks, insulin, usually dcin'g pts and getting admits by now, but can come at anytime from 0600 on.
    12-1400: Same as above, passing meds again at 1400 and pain meds.
    14-1630: Yada..yada..charting, etc..Again doing accuchecks at 1630 and insulin prn.
    1730-1800: Getting ready to go into report at 1800, so hopefully wrapping up charting and praying an admit doesn't show up at 1800!!
  4. by   FutureRN_NP
    It doesn't sound too bad. Are you working AM or PM shift?