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Hi all ... thought it was about time to have a Med-Surg roll call .... please repond by telling us if you work in med-surg .... how long you have been there and if you plan on staying in med surg... Read More

  1. by   socalpca
    I am working on a 24-room, 40-bed capacity medical-oncology unit in Southern California. I have been a RN on this unit for almost 7 months. The patient acuity has been steadily increasing over that time and many of our experienced RNs are leaving our floor. As a result, I am beginning to get the reputation as one of the "experienced" RNs on our floor. It's the only kind of nursing I know, so I have no plans to leave right now.
  2. by   bngorn
    I am a Med/Surg RN with a ASN degree. I have been in this specialty for 4 1/2 yrs. I do not hold any certifications. I plan on going back for my bachelors and Masters degree. I am currently working in a 46 bed Med/Surg/Ortho unit, kind of getting burnt out. Med/Surg is a good place for new grads to start out to develop there nursing skills, but I feel it's time for a change. Don't know when I will make that change, but I am staying hopeful. It's to demanding and stressful working in Med/surg. I personally call Med/Surg the "dump unit," everything gets dumped on us. Until I make that change I am in Med/Surg the most demanding place in the hospital aside from ICU:spin:
  3. by   yumaRN1990
    I have been a nurse since 1990 and started out in Med-Surg, thought I needed a change and went to Home Care/Hospice. I returned to the hospital about a year later, and my med surg manager, said see I told you you were a med-surg nurse. I am still here and don't know where else I would go, I know that other departments sometimes look better, or an easier place to work but I would really miss this work. I am currently the charge nurse on days as well as wearing the hat of UBE. Being the UBE gives me a bit of a break of the daily stress on the floor and enjoy teaching and working with the newer people on a closer basis (not being their boss that day).
  4. by   tazzie1026
    I graduated (ASN) last may Started My first MED/SURG position in July and I love it. I plan on working M/S for a few years and then prusuing a position in maturnity Maybe I never thought I would enjoy M/S so much. When I graduated my thought was to work M/S for a few years and then move on to L&D or postpartum. But now not sure????
  5. by   yardgnome
    Hey, from the Hoosier State. I was a CNA in longterm care for 2 years, LPN in longterm care for 5 years and now a ASN RN on med/surg (7 mos.). I love m/s and wished I had gone into it right out of school....most other avenue like you to have at least 1 year m/s experience (at least around my town). It is hard work but I figure it will keep me in shape!umpiron: lol May do OB someday, but right now I love the variety of m/s. I have learned SO much and do so everyday (or night, which is my shift). Anyway, nice to meet ya'll.
  6. by   Laughs-a-lot, RN
    I am an RN on a 36 bed med/surg telemetry unit. Graduated May 2007:dncg:, worked on this floor as a PCA for the last year of nursing school. LOVE IT! I loved every clinical I did, and wanted to work in that area. However I feel that the fast pace and diversity of med/surg is my calling. May want to try ER in future, but may just stay here Too soon to tell.
  7. by   grantyRN06
    LPN in LTC and subacute for 11years Med Surg RN for 1year and LOVING IT!!!!
  8. by   NewTravelingNurse
    Hello all. I am a 7P-7A Med Surge nurse. Love the NOC work. Am thinking about going for a bridge program for RN-MSN.
    But, I am not in a hurry. Too old to rush. Want to travel a little!!
    I am loving the winter. I haven't seen snow this year!!!
  9. by   pbrtrails
    I am glad that you love M/S. I absolutely hated it. We see lots of geriatric. I just could not take the elderly person wanting to get up at 3 AM because he thought he heard his wife's voice and the would become very violent when he was told that she was at home sleeping. I have done L&D now since3/07. Not sure whether I really like this or not. This are has lots of gray zones, every nurse who examines a patient says a women is dilated to a different size, all pretermers are treated with different protocals. I have been doing some floating to the ED and have found it to be I think more of what I like. On our OB floor we do not have docs in house, they are on call. When you call these docs, if you do not describe for them in the exact way they want the story discribed they get pretty nasty. I am glad to hear you are happier with your career than I am. pbrtrails
  10. by   missninaRN
    I just accepted a day position on a Med Surg unit and will start after I graduate in 3 months.
    I'm going to be a Med Surg RN!
  11. by   grantyRN06
    Quote from missnina
    I just accepted a day position on a Med Surg unit and will start after I graduate in 3 months.
    I'm going to be a Med Surg RN!
    Congrats!!! It is a challenging and rewarding specialty. Be prepared to learn lots and grow as a professional nurse. Good Luck to you!!!!
  12. by   betmic2002
    I have done geriatric nursing for 7 years and hospital medsurg nursing for 10 years. I work primarily medical as opposed to surgical. I love medical. I love what I do. What I have seen that is so discouraging is the competition between medsurg nursing vs ICU/CCU. Also hospital nursing being "better" than LTC. Even among medsurg nursing, that surgical is "better" than medical nursing. I just don't understand. Why are we nurses like this? I disagree with the idea of "healthy competition". I even see new nursing students with these stereotypical attitudes. I think that we veteran nurses should take some responsibility for these attitudes and be more conscientious of how we speak of our fellow colleagues. We are all in this together. Let's remember that each of us has a special call for each specialty and support each other. Just because that specialty might not be something you could ever imagine doing, doesn't mean that it is any less important. When I think of Psych nursing, I think of all the nurses that I admire who are able to work field and love it. That is because I know that I could not be the type of nurse a psych patient deserves. It is just not my niche. But you will never hear me say " Psych nursing sucks! " Let's always try to be positive. And remember the impact of our words.
  13. by   WSUnurse
    I'm a new grad RN starting on day shift on a very busy post-surgical floor. Been working there for two weeks and love it so far.