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Hello, I recently interviewed for a position that would be for nights on a med-surg floor. One of the floors may even be telemetry (interviewed for multiple open med-surg positions). I was told that during nights I will have... Read More

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    A job it is and take it if you must. But former new grad that was in your shoes, my experience was bad. And the director wasn't kidding when they said 8:1. It was routine. Don't get me wrong; I learned alot in the hairy five months I was at the position. Mostly how NOT to do things, how to worry an ulcer into being and how to slipshod care for patients. But also got enough experience under my belt as an ADN to apply at a better facility close to home where I could refine my practice and actually provide quality care to the people for whom I am responsible.
    I do not envy you your decision; best of luck.
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    Just finished orientation at my hospital on a Med/Surg floor. Days gets 4 - 5 pts. On nights we get 5 - 6. I would never want 8! Also, we got 12 weeks of orientation. I cannot imagine what my nursing would have been like taking 8 at only 6 weeks of orientation as a NG! That is ASKING for trouble! Scary.
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    Heck NO, I wouldn't take 8 patients. Unless you're desperate for a job and even then, you may be risking your license.
    Where I work, we get 5 mostly, 6 at the most. And 6 is hard! Good luck.
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    I feel your pain, same thing happened to me with my first new grad position. I absolutely hated my hospital experience. I currently do homehealth and I am thinking I never want to work in a hospital again...DONT miss the stress or the 12 hr shifts!!!
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    I love Med-Surg, but 8 patients is way too much! I don't care if you have techs or all the walky-talkies, that is still too much. Sometimes patients are at their worst on night shift. Their condition may be iffy or okay on day shift than at midnight your either in a rapid response or a code.
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    I read everyone's post and how dreadful and maybe correct to have 8 pts for 12 hours. I am taking a med/surg position and was told max will be 8 but most days will only be 5. Now, I came from a rehap facility where you have 20+ pts for 8 hrs shift. So with that being said, will I have a better luck with these number? I believe 8 is doable number after the experience I have to go through this place. What do you think?

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