Is following a doctor's order "too many" narcs? - page 2

I'm a new grad and I'm about 2 months into orientation on a med-surg unit. Sometimes I get patients with histories of painful conditions such as cancer or sickle cell anemia, with a doctor's order... Read More

  1. by   wearingmanyhats
    i am currently a patient trying to get my pain managed...

    i had a golf ball size tumor removed from my knee, muscle flap, skin graft, and 2 snb sites in my groin and lower abdomen...

    i am 11 days post op, and in a rehab facility to gain strength and safety with ambulation...

    the original order was 2 vicodin every 6 hours... which pretty much faded by hour 3... so pa wrote for 1 or 2 every 3 hours. i have only been taking 1 tab every 3 hours, and of course i have to ask for it, and the past 2 days were a mess, i would ask at the 3 hour mark, it would take them 20 min to get it to me, so now i was 20 min past, and it snowballed... now, i ask 30 minutes prior to the hour, and request a pain pill at ....... o'clock

    i do not want to become addicted, but i refuse to be in pain. over the past day and a half, i have been on top of it, and working on stretches, and today, i can bear weight on my foot!!!

    moral of the story? listen to your patient... yes there may be some who are drug seekers, but many patients just want to not be in pain, and be able to sleep