1. Ok fellow Med Surg nurses, I am FINALLY joining your ranks.

    Worked 10 years in LTC as a CNA, then LPN, then RN...quit and got a job with a big company that has several hospitals and LTC places. Could only get a job with them in LTC because of the economy. Feeling kinda bitter because I went to RN school to specifically get out of LTC. Well after 7 months I'm getting transferred to a med surg floor and I'm excited.

    I know med surg is hard and a lot of people hate it, but I feel like I'm finally getting some REAL experience (in the eyes of people who hire nurses for traveling nursing, ICU, L &D, etc etc....not my eyes. LTC can be really hard! I was alone at night with a floor of 43 residents!). So I'm sure I'll be here asking questions. I hope I like it.
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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    Congratulations on getting a job in med-surg!

    LTC definitely is tough. I don't know from first-hand experience because I've never worked in that field, but the nights where I have all total-care patients, I really feel for the LTC nurses! Our ratios are 4 patients:1 nurse plus we usually have 2-3 CNAs, but I could only imagine having 43 patients to myself.