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Extra time for more money..

  1. 0 I have extra time on my hands now that I'm done with school and I was wondering what education or certifications are available to me that can get me a raise. I just graduated this past December and I passed boards late January 2013.
    I'm going to take an ACLS class next month but aside from that what else can I do to increase my pay?
    I'm working med-surg of course...
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    Bump. No ideas, really?
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    I would look for a PRN job at another facility, if there are others in your area. I've been working overtime at my job, but the FICA tax eats all of it. Try to get on PRN in another discipline, get new experiences, then approach your supervisor about a rate increase.
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    Appreciate the advice. I hadn't thought about that before.
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    Start working towards a Med/Surg certification
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    ask your supervisor if they pay extra for extra certs. Otherwise, you would have to go elsewhere to get the pay you want. ACLS, TNCC, etc are, in my facility, requirements for certain departments and do not affect pay. Certification in a nursing speciality might affect pay and will affect, but not all facilities pay extra for that either. They may pay for your testing and cert fees, however. I would start with HR or supervisor.