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Patient had chest pain at beginning shift, 2 hours behind all day, got a heart cath, tech lazy,dinemapp problems, I was sweaty, transfused blood, families OMG!, too many accuchecks, now they're locking the refrigerator where... Read More

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    only scheduled RN for day shift called out- every other RN refused to come in

    Boss having personal issues-yells at me when called; states, "I just can't come in, you are going to have to find someone else"

    pt with BP 74/47, gave 2 units PRBCs

    pt's toal 9 with: hypoxia, diverticulitis, inability to walk, confusion, chf exac, geripsych pt, chf exac/copd exac

    Not to bad, except for the boss drama, I was LIVID.

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    copd/chf: non-compliant (not even nasal cannula on) ef 10-15%, didn't care, BP in the 190's sbp, dbp 100's.
    diabetic/chf/cp: no coverage, only ac/hs accuchecks (nor sliding scale).
    chf: ef 29% left AMA.
    cp: stress test neg MD p*ssed because I called him after family member to try to decide if pt was okay for d/c.
    left on time despite all of that.
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    Patient#1 - blood sugar 59 but asymptomatic, retest blood sugar 20 minutes later and it's 268???? Only had 4 oz of OJ????????
    Patient #2 - CHF / FVO worsening
    Patient # 3 - Comes from PACU obtunded , had to go for crash cart and use the narcan
    Patient # 4 - severe down's syndrome, post op and four point restraints, otherwise ok
    Patient # 5 - 3 days post op with an INR of 3.9 and new onset of increase pain
    Patient # 6 - discharge, stable but has a very very demanding & needy family

    I've only been orienting for 3 weeks.

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