Dealing with difficult co-workers

  1. I recently just started a job at a hospital and I'm actually still preceptong at this time. I'm pretty thankful that I got the job amidst the job climate right now.Well anyway, I feel like the work at my unit which is a med-surg/onco unit is pretty manageable even for someone who has no hospital experience. So far I love the patients that I have. I don't have a problem with other RN's too, some of them have quirks but it's manageable . The problem is the nurse attendants. It is absolutely so hard to ask them to do their job. It seems like every time I asked for help they're on break or just doesn't want to do it. Unfortunately, we don't have an official time of when we take our breaks ( we currently use time cards right now,sad!) So we are given 15 and 30 min breaks in our own disgression. Everyday I only get to have a 15 min break to eat lunch bec I want to finish my job and I'm still on my orientation meaning, me and my preceptor are working on our load. What's even more sad is that my preceptor doesn't ever take a break! I noticed that these NA's treat RN's differently though and they kinda treat my preceptor as a push-over. One time I called an NA to change my patients diaper but she was apparently on break at 1:30 pm after waiting for her for 20 mins and she came up to me and said "you know you can help !" And that was after I already changed her patients diaper 2x! Several times that happened too that when a patient needs to be brought down for a procedure I had to bring my patient down myself bec of the same reasons. Now knowing how the situation is gonna be when I'm going to be by myself I kinda don't know what to do knowing that I have to my job and my NA's job..;(. I hope anyone can give me a sound advice on how I can deal with these people. Complaining to my manager is not an option bec I'm really new, still on probation and of course I won't think of quitting bec of this. Sincerely need help,Msonconurse
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  3. by   ChristineN
    Wow, that sucks that you are dealing with that. I am sure your manager is aware of the problem, but I would mention it to her anyway. Who knows perhaps your manager has a plan to deal with this sort of behavior
  4. by   tokmom
    I would suck it up until away from a preceptor. In the meantime, look around at the nurses that they CNA's don't push around. How do they treat the CNA? Do you see a difference in behavior?
  5. by   classicdame
    I would certainly bring it up with the manager. If you have a staff meeting I would mention it out looud there but try to word it in a professional manner. I can assure you the CNA's will be angry, but it is better to get it out in the open. I believe some people have the opinion that the one making the big bucks should do most of the work.
  6. by   BlueBow
    Quote from classicdame
    I believe some people have the opinion that the one making the big bucks should do most of the work.
    This brings to mind an aide who told me That`s why you`re paid more