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Does your facility have side jobs for you guys? Such as rounding,MAR audits and following up with every single problem you find? (irks me how if i find a med error - i just cant bring it to that halls supervisors attention -- i... Read More

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    I am the MDS coordinator at an 81 bed facility. For yr now I've been on my own. I am responsible for 20-30 Medicare, 24 Medicaids, and then you have to include the private pays or the insurance. I've been responsible for all the sections of the mds, putting out adl sheets, icd-9 code everyone who comes in or must be preauthorized. Caas, careplans, and assessments such as the braden.ect. When the business manager needs notes or things pulled out of the chart. I get to do it. I am supposed to update the careplans and the 802 daily. I pick up the 24 hour sheets every morning, send out a note with all important info. If I'm lucky someone tells me when someone is admitted. Otherwise I get to find out the next morning when I get a phone call from my business manager. We take medicaids pending So then I have to go dig up all the information to get them approved. I do all the certifications. All careplan scheduling, sending out the careplan letters. I have never really gotten much training. I have managed to be able to take a quite a few webiners. I finally got help about a month ago. But she gets pulled the floor alot. I now have been told all this can be done with out overtime. I have been in this position for about 3yrs. I am now expected to round, a medicare meeting everyday, and we have folks who leave and I find out about 10 minutes before. I am also expected to answer lights and do whatever needs to be dones, because I am a nurses, and if someone needs information or help with something they call me. All of this has been added in the last 3 months. I do all the data entry. None of the nurses stations do anything the same way, so everyone puts things in a different place in the charts. I am suppose to leave a note on the 24 hour report anytime I add anything to the careplans. If I don't have a careplan for something I then have to write one. I have no one to call when I need help. If I call THMP, I am told to read the manuel. On top of this I have to fight for the Medicares times, because they are always in therapy or out to the MD's.

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    OMG, god bless you and I thought I had it bad!

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