RNAC Staffing

  1. HI,
    I work at a facility that has 124 beds. There is one RNAC and a Care Plan Coordinator who also does the IDT meetings and insurance updates. With all the recent changes the RNAC needs help badly. How do any of your facilities staff per number of residents who performs what role etc? Need Help fast in order to devise a proposal to our administrative team.
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  3. by   Bella'sMyBaby
    The first issue I see is the "Care Plan Coordinator".
    Does she run the Care Plan Meetings/Write/Update Care Plans as well as IDT & Insurance? That is way too much.
    If you have one person tied up with all these duties, your building, in my opinion, needs at least 2 other MDS Coordinators doing nothing but pumping out MDS Assessments.
    Our census is running about 120, my boss runs the meetings & does all the managed care duties, leaving me to do most of the assessments, which is too much. We have floats coming in to help but we are still swamped.
  4. by   gladtobeOB
    There are two nurses in the office one does, careplans, updates, idt meetings etc. Then the RNAC does all of the rest. How would you adjust this to meet their needs or how would you divide duties and then justify adding additional staff members.
  5. by   Bella'sMyBaby
    Your census, I feel, requires at least two MDS Coordinators doing NOTHING but pumping out assessments...Running meetings, etc., etc., requires ADDITIONAL staff to do this.
  6. by   imkaren2
    Our building is 154 pts. myself, RNAC, and a MDS person, we attend al of the careplan meetings, there are 3 at risk meetings, I attend 1 of them, she attends 2, I attend PPS daily, and keep up the management board daily, Monthly PI, and of course, we complete the MDS, CAAs, and all of the careplans for the facility.
    I'm salary and do ALOT of work at home. She is not and has to leave on time.