MDS newbie and frustrated too....

  1. Hello. Well I took the MDS position that I had previously posted about. It's been 4 weeks. The first 2 weeks were spent on the floor getting to know the residents and the computer system. Today I just finished the 2nd week doing MDS's. The ADON is who is training me and she is wearing many hats. The MDS position was dumped on her about a year ago. I found out today from another staff member that they had walked the previous one out who had been there 12 years. I have never been an MDS nurse, and I ask alot of questions. I am very anal about accuracy. If I do a job, I want to know that I am doing it right. Today I did my first 5 Day admission assessment and it took me like 4.5 hours. Trying to find info in the chart and on the computer, and in the flow sheet books and .... Then trying to figure out how many MD order changes and current diagnosis and I had included history diagnosis and gosh forbid me... I'm going to slow,and need to speed it up. And I was told she hasn't even started training me on the timing of them. She told me the other day in exasperation that I needed to go faster also. I have really fought back some tears and always thank her for her patience. But today I told her and the administrator if they don't feel I'm cut out for the job, after some time to please let me know. I'm not going to be mad, some people are just not cut out for certain jobs. I told them I know I'm slow, and I'd like to continue trying. The administrator asked if there was anything they could do to help. I said no, the ADON has been patient, but I secretly wish she would stop expecting me to fly through these things llike she does. Oh and by the way, besides sending her to mds training classes, they also paid big money to have a consultant come in and work with just her for awhile. So am I being unrealistic? Hang in there or run before I'm escorted out? Happy Easter.
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  3. by   SoutherngirlRN
    Speak up and request the same training the DON had. As a former MDS nurse, I understand the importance of accuracy and speed required for this job. You are still new to the position, so don't beat yourself up over the time you're taking to complete assessments. Even when you get up to speed, it will probably take about 2 hours to complete a comprehensive assessment. Your primary goal is to be accurate and make sure that everything on the MDS can be backed up with documentation. As far as feeling comfortable, it will probably take you at least a year to get your bearings. There are so many layers to this position. All in all, it can be quite rewarding. Just remember to stand up for yourself and ask for what you need. Good luck!
  4. by   andy3k
    I encourage you to use your state MDS RAI and Automation coordinators as resources. You can find their email addresses in Appendix B of the RAI Manual. Some states have email lists for distributing up-to-date info on MDS - get signed up. If your state does not have an email list for alerts and updates, get signed up on another state's email list (many of the emails will still apply to you).
  5. by   Bella'sMyBaby
    1964Nurse....You're a new MDS Coordinator; you are going to be slower.
    Quite honestly, it took me a good 2-3 years before I felt I could do assessments fast & a good 5 years before I felt like I could do them "real fast."
    Hang in there; get all the training you can....The longer you're there, the more experience you will get & the more marketable you will be.
    Also, the sloppier the charts are, the longer it takes to complete MDS Assessments.
    And you have to consider ALL the daily interruptions....
    Don't apologize to them; you have done nothing wrong....that Administrator probably does not have the first clue about the MDS Position (most don't).
    If you like MDS work, just go to work with the mindset that it is one more day of experience that will help you land your next job.
  6. by   1964nurse
    Thank you to all of you, it is nice to have the support
  7. by   ewoodrn465
    It's ok! I am new too. New to LTC Also.....It took me just about all day to do a new admission caas and careplan......Our nurses are horible charters so that makes it even worse.....I didnt get alot of training either.....I have been doing them on my own for about a month and just now got sent to some formal training.

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