MDS Cheat Sheet

  1. Is there a MDS Cheat Sheet for Assessment & Interview? I am working as Coordinator for last 6 months. I was trained by the previous MDS coordinator, learning on the job & now finally reading through the RAI manual. Thanks!
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  3. by   jai_lebeau
    I have one, I will post it once I get off this evening.
  4. by   CoffeyCups
    Can you pls send cheat sheet link to me. Thank you
  5. by   Patty58
    I did not get a link - sorry.
  6. by   mdsNurse2016
    Check out MDS Assistant for IOS, it is something I have been using

    MDS Assistant
    MDS Assistant on the App Store
  7. by   Prunella12
    Can you please send me this link for the MDS cheat sheet. Thank you

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