MDS and managed care

  1. 0 Is any other person out spending a majority of their precious time completing audits for Humana????? And then come to find out they uphold there decision and pay you according to a RUG rate of a AAA!! This is rediculous! They have you recert every few days via phone and fax and then 1 to 2 years later they send you a letter demanding all this info again and I must of faxed hundred of pages to them and they somehow can not find them, so I got smart and mailed them/keeping a copy for myself. Please any one have any ideas what to do other than refuse the people who have is insurance????
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    Just a suggestion for when you choose to mail records - send it registered mail or whatever requires the recipient to sign for it. Seems they pay more attention to the documents then and may take better care of them. You think?
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