MDS 3.0 Use of Dashes - page 2

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In case you didn't notice .... A memo titled "The Use of Dashes in Completing the MDS 3.0 Assessment: Potential Impact to Beneficiaries and Nursing Home Facilities" has been posted under Downloads at on the CMS website. This... Read More

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    Quote from pixie120
    Also, and I am sure a surveryor would argue on this point, no surveyors are MDS experts, not even the beloved QUAN, yet....and I just had a surveryor tell me, with a straight face, she/he had NEVER seen this patient make movements...seems my 2 years of caring for him/her were instantaneousy erased when she OBSERVED him one afternoon, with her handy laptop to provide, I guess, a PICTURE of him that told it
    Surveyors are taught just enough about the MDS to be Dangerous...
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