MDS 3.0 Certification Difficulty

  1. Can anyone advise just how difficult the AANAC MDS 3.0 Certification exam is and where such exams are given? Is this an exam taken online at an approved facility such at Prometric in the way that ANCC testing is done? Also any advice concerning advisability of review courses would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   Talino
    • The tests are given online from the AANAC website.
    • You are expected to pass 10 courses within a 3-month period upon completion of training (live workshops or online courses).
    • The course materials provided will yield most of the answers you'll need to pass the tests. A hardcopy of the final test is also provided.
    • Online, each course has a pretest and a post test. Correct answers are provided on mistakes. Most of the questions will reappear in the final test.
    • No one can fail the tests! You have 2 chances (some said 3). Failed once? No worry! Review the failed test and all the correct answers are stated therein. Retake the test and get a perfect score!
    • After a few weeks mesmerize on the certificate. To a newbie on the actual role, a rude awakening awaits!

    Those are just excerpts from actual RAC-CT 3.0 nurses I have "tutored" or mingled w/ who took the workshops during the period of 8/2010 - 1/2011.