MDS 3.0 Certification

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    If one were considering becoming certified in MDS 3.0, is there one certification or certifying agency better than another? I've seen many items about AANAC and their courses seem to encompass everything.
    Any comments or advice from people who've taken the classes?

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    I am certified through AANAC. They just seemed to fit my needs. I certified for 2.0 and Nurse Executive and am currently now working on 3.0. I also like thier resources. I do the on-line education- works for me cause I just take the final exam on-line and can study at my own pace.

    I will say my employer, at the time I was the RNAC, didn't require it. I just did it because I love to learn and I just wanted to make sure I understood all the elements of 2.0. I am anal that way and want to do a good job. The previous RNAC didn't really explain things well and I was the only RNAC. The DON at the time didn't understand anythng either so that is also why I took the course. When I became the DON and promoted a nurse from with in I had her also take the course to help her. I would recommend it.
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    I've done AANAC as well and I would recommend it. I did a different one about 8 or 9 years ago through a different agency and it required a certain number of CEU's each year through their company (which was very expensive), so I would check into if there are any requirements to remain certified.
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    I took the Harmony Healthcare MDS 3.0 Certification class which was good as well. Good luck to all with all the upcoming changes!!!
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    AANAC was the least expensive and has the best track record. Also, a couple of the other places seemed to have regional appeal, but AANAC is everywhere. I have had several other courses, but AANAC has been worth it.
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    So once I take my classes where do I go to get the national certification? Are there testing facilities that offer AANAC certifications testing? I've looked at the website and I can't figure it out. I must be having a difficult night. I am going to take the classes through Pathway Health Services, they are in partnership with AANAC. But, yet, I have no idea how or where I sit for the test?
    Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to help me.
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    Will be getting certified for MDS 3.0 soon. I saw there is a sign up for certification and re-certification through AANAC. How long is your initail certification good for?
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    Here is a list of MDS 3.0 and RUG's IV seminars including AANAC RAC-CT
  12. 0 that Medford Massachusetts or Washington State?
    Thanks for the information.

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