I'm I in for a rude awakening?

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    I worked in a nursing home for 7 years, last being in 2002. I did MDS at that time. Since then I've been in another field. I signed up for the AANAC Basics class and if that works out I'll sign up for the certification with hopes of going into longterm care again. Figure will make me more marketable. Question is, will I be in for a rude awakening? How much has MDS changed?

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    MDS has changed quite a bit. To me, the new 3.0 is very time consuming. Interviews have to be conducted for each assessment - BIMS for cognition, PHQ9 for mood, pain, discharge preferences, activities preferences. In my facility, the SS worker conducts the BIMS, PHQ9, discharge, activities director conducts the activities preferences, and a nurse conducts the pain interview, but it is redundant. The old discharge tracking has been replaced with a discharge assessment, so if you work in a facility where there are a lot of unplanned or planned discharges, it takes a lot of your time. Then there are End Of Therapy OMRAs and Start of Therapy OMRAs , and starting soon there will be a Change of Therapy OMRA. Alot more work than 2.0 in my opinion. Good luck.
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    Run, run while you can unless you like to be tortured on a regular basis trying to figure out the new regs, filling out full assessments on people who have been d/c'd two days after admission or being yelled at by patients for asking them the same stupid questions over and over.
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