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  1. I am new to the case mix side of things. I've done PPS since i was first trained 10 yrs ago. Now I am stepping out of the mgr. position and need some tips. How far in advance of the care plan date do you set your ARDs? How much time do you give the other disciplines to complete their section? and when they don't? thanks for the help, sharon. oh, and just for the heck of it how many mtgs a week do you attend?
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  3. by   montecarlo64
    I schedule the ARD first then the care plan meeting no more than 7 days later. The other disciplines need to have their interview sections on the ARD or the day before the ARD and have the remainder of the MDS completed within 2 or 3 working days after the ARD. How many meetings?? Daily and weekly medicare meetings, daily general morning meeting, monthly QA meeting, monthly triple check meeting, and care plan/family meetings weekly and prn through the week..Way too much time on meetings!
  4. by   katoline
    thanks monte carlo, that's pretty much how they were being scheduled here and i just inherited that schedule. so many mtgs, means assessments aren't completed, printed out, and care plans updated before mtg with resident and family. makes me very uncomfortable. We've decided to schedule them 10 days prior to careplan day. i 'll let you know how that works when we start next schedule in a couple of weeks.

    we too have daily morning mtgs that last too too long (mcr included daily), at least twice weekly SOC mtgs, monthly QA, triple check at least weekly and of course weekly careplan mtgs. it totals at least 20%+ of our time. wouldn't be so bad if everyone stayed on track and kept things going. too much chitter chatter and time wasting.
  5. by   Teresae
    Do you have a form, cheat sheet that you use for your morning reports? We are going to start having morning reports and I want them to run smooth and quick (if that is possible)


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