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I'd like to know how other MDS nurses care plan the ADLs, especially the MCARE ones. How specific are you with the problems and goals? Usually our rehab pts go home, so a goal may be: will improve... Read More

  1. by   amylpn24
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    Shouldn't the rehab staff be the ones writing the specific goals for each resident? I usually write "will return to highest level of function. See rehab cp for details.' Never got tagged on this.
    yes, that is correct. Never be too specific in a plan of care. If it changes, which it does frequently and no one gets to the CP to change it, you've got yourself an F tag.
  2. by   home4u
    I would like to download a written care plan for a client who is palliative, but can't seem to find one can someone please help me? In the chart i need Activties of daily living, and Instrumental Activties of daily living. Thank-you