Where to live in Amherst?

  1. I just got accepted into the 2nd degree Nursing program at UMass-Amherst. Does anyone know a good place/area to live, preferably within walking or bussing to school? I am from the west coast and have no idea!
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  3. by   MBrickle
    I went to UMass for my first undergrad...I loved it, however, you must realize, it definately holds up its reputation as a party school...

    I lived in Puffton Village, but there are also "The Townhouses", Hobart Street, and all sorts of placed to rent on N Pleasant Street and that area...the closer you are to school, the more loud and obnoxious the weeknights and weekend will be with students. There is a pretty good bus system that will take you right from uptown in Amherst Center to school. Its a pretty rural area once you get about 15 minutes away from campus so I would avoid going too far if you want to walk.
  4. by   bpriest
    The previous poster is right, I loved UMass, but much of Amherst can be very undergrad-lad culture.

    However, if you're willing to go a little further out, its lovely, beautiful, peaceful, woodsy, green. and on the bus line! just depends on how far from campus you would like to be and what you want.

    specific Qs feel free to ask
  5. by   lli09
    I'm from the west coast (CA), and I'll be going to UMass Amherst for the 2nd bachelor nursing program as well. I'm not sure about housing, but I hope to spend a couple of days after orientation to look around.
  6. by   Bee_home care
    Did you find a place to live? I work as a home care nurse in Amherst and can definitely tell you where not to live.

  7. by   mcbanfield
    I just got accepted into the second track bachelors program starting this fall and have no idea where to live! I'm from California and have never been to Amherst. I'm basically looking for somewhere that is close to campus and/or downtown and isrelatively quiet during the week. Any suggestions?
    I've been looking through postings on the off-campus website but am trying to narrow my search. THanks!!
  8. by   cayenne06
    I live in Florence, and I absolutely adore it. Not walking distance to AMherst UMASS, but you are away from the student hustle of downtown noho but close enough to enjoy the culture. Can't say enough good things about this area of Massachusetts. LOVE IT!
  9. by   sbostonRN
    When I went to UMass I lived in Squire Village in Sunderland. It's on the bus line to campus and about 10 minute drive away if you want to drive. Very quiet, remote, not much within walking distance except a dive bar and a tiny strip mall. The apartments were nice and extremely affordable for the area. The closer you get to campus the more expensive it is. I also lived in Puffton Village and it was great as an undergrad, but you might find it too rowdy if you're a second degree student (lots of parties every weekend and sometimes during the week). It was also expensive when I lived there.
  10. by   lli09
    I'm in the 2nd Bach Nursing program right now and living at Hawkins Meadow Apt. It's a little more expensive than other places, but it's 0.5 mile away from campus and is pretty convenient to grocery stores and the bus line. It's usually pretty quiet, so I've definitely been able to study at the apt. Since you're from CA like me, I found that rent is relatively cheaper. I stayed a few days after the orientation to look for places and to get familiar with the area because I had never been to Amherst prior to the orientation. Congrats on getting into the program!
  11. by   jngraham
    I lived in The Boulder's for my undergrad its right on a bus line and a little bit further from the school so much quieter. If you want quiet I would avoid the Townhouses, Puffton and Hobart Street. All are frequent party areas.
  12. by   SapnaPonaraseriGop
    I hope to be staying in Amherst for six months. Any inputs would be helpful.