UMass Worcester Direct-Entry GEP 2011

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just wanted to start a new thread for anyone who applied to the UMass Worcester GEP program for Fall 2011 entry!
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  3. by   JTN333
    Has anyone been interviewed yet? When are they sending out their acceptance letters?
  4. by   msusan
    Has anyone heard back about an interview?
  5. by   Optimo
    Hi there,

    Just wanted to find out what you two have heard. I had an interview and thought I would here something (for better or for worse) regarding admissions. Do either of you know if UMass responds if you are not accepted? It would be nice to know where I stand!

    I hope you are both hanging in there through the admissions process.I had no idea it would be so vague!

    Best regards!
  6. by   JTN333
    I was just accepted into their acute care specialty track!
  7. by   dp1200
    Quote from JTN333
    I was just accepted into their acute care specialty track!
    Congratulations, JTN!

    If you've got the time once you start the program, I'd love to hear what it's like and how it's going. I'm planning on applying for 2012 GEP for ACNP, so I'm very interested to hear what it's like for someone already in it.

    If you care to share the somewhat personal info (PM is fine), I'd also be curious to know what your background was that got you in to the program (GRE score, past degrees/GPA, work experience, etc). Not trying to be nosy, just real anxious about whether or not I'll be able to get in!
  8. by   Nala787
    Quote from JTN333
    I was just accepted into their acute care specialty track!

    Congrats JTN!! I was also accepted to the GEP program for Adult/Gero! If you don't mind me asking, did you apply to any other schools?
  9. by   JTN333
    Hi Nala787!

    Congrats! Yes, I also applied to Regis, MGH, NEU, and Simmons. What about you? The admission coordinator last week notified me by phone. UMass Worcester is my top choice so I'm pretty sure I'm sending in my deposit as soon as I receive the official acceptance letter. Have you received your letter yet by mail?
  10. by   Nala787
    I also applied to Simmons and MGH. Much like you I received the phone call last week and UMass is also my first choice. I will definitely be accepting the offer! Just got the mail for today, and still no letter, but she mentioned that I should receive it by the end of the week.
    As for the other two schools, it looks like I won't have a response from either before the 15 day time period is up anyways!
  11. by   JTN333
    That's awesome! I guess were going to be classmates
  12. by   Optimo
    Hey Nala787,
    It looks like I will be joining you in the adult/gero GEP program I will also be anxiously waiting for the official letter in the mail -I think that's when it will finally sink in.
    I look forward to meeting you both in the fall!
  13. by   JTN333
  14. by   Nala787
    Congrats Optimo!