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Has anyone heard back on their applications yet??? I submitted mine somewhat early thinking that I would hear back early but that hasn't happened yet. I have no idea when I will hear anything and... Read More

  1. by   gglove317
    I have no idea - but I do know that getting an interview at Northeastern definitely does NOT signify that you get it... they interview about 100 people for 24 spots...
  2. by   hale.bale
    Unfortunately gglove is right, because I had an interview at NEU and I was rejected from the program. I also still haven't heard a peep from UMASS.
  3. by   gglove317
    Halebale - sorry to hear about that What is this business I hear about a hybrid program? I haven't heard anything at all from Northeastern or UMass. I've checked N-yoU and it still says I don't have an admissions decision but I definitely didn't get an interview. I called UMass last week and left a message to find out about the progress of things because I was accepted to Jefferson and have to decide about that in 2 weeks or I lose my spot... I wish schools coordinated or actually kept within the time lines advertised... it's a huge decision to make and the lack of communication just makes things more difficult.
  4. by   hale.bale
    @gglove, thanks for the support. It was a total bummer being rejected from NEU because having being offered an interview I feel as if I developed a sense of false hope. The hybrid is intriguing, however most people being considered are being contacted it seems, and I haven't been. I've also heard the program is for "nursing administration" which I'm not interested in! Congrats on being accepted into Jefferson! At this point I'm panicking because I'm waiting on 2 schools, and if I don't get in I have no other options.
  5. by   gglove317
    @hale.bale - I just got a call about the hybrid program. I am so beyond confused because they never contacted me for an interview. I was told it could be in nursing admin or in neonatal, and that you could reapply to the msn portion after the bsn was complete if you wanted to do something else. I'm so confused about all of this, and mostly kind of mad for you because clearly you were worthy of an interview, why not be contacted about the hybrid program? It smells a little fishy to me.
  6. by   hale.bale
    Hah, it does smell a little fishy! Maybe it's because I designated that I wanted to follow the Family NP track, which the hybrid doesn't offer. When you applied, did you specify a specialty? I don't think the application required you to, so maybe they are contacting qualified applicants who are still deciding on which specialty to pursue? Either that or I simply scared them away! I was feeling super bummed all weekend, but I just received an acceptance letter to Simmons, so I really can't complain at this point! Seeing as I was waitlisted at MGH and I need to send my deposit to Simmons by April 16th, (also haven't heard anything from UMASS) I will most likely be attending Simmons starting this May. It just feels so good to be wanted somewhere! =P
  7. by   gglove317
    SO excited for you, hale.bale! Congrats on Simmons! This is what I mean by UMass missing out on great candidates because people need to put deposits in SOMEWHERE, or they could totally miss a shot if UMass doesn't come through! I didn't put a specialty down but they knew from the open house that I wanted to do pediatrics. My official NEU letter is dated March 8th but I only was emailed it today, and they want an answer by April 2. That's 1 week to decide! I'm going to ask if I can get an extension.

    I need to decide about Jefferson by April 13th, but I think I'm leaning in that direction just because like you said with Simmons, I really felt wanted and welcomed by them. Basically I should be really happy that I have these options, but it's freaking me out and I'm borderline hyperventilating about this decision. GAH!
  8. by   hale.bale
    Well, both are great schools, so good luck with the decision!! I'm sure you'll make the right one!
  9. by   lovepink01
    I got in!!!
  10. by   gglove317
    Congrats lovepink! Did you have an interview? I haven't heard many people even getting interviews yet!
  11. by   lovepink01
    Thank you. Yes, I had an interview last week. They interview selected applicants then make a decision. So everyone who is accepted got an interview but I guess not everyone who is interviewed gets accepted.
  12. by   heramay22
    when you interviewed did they tell you you would hear this week or next? I had an interview last week but they said that they only meet twice a week so I wouldn't hear a decision until a week from thursday so I am a little confused.

    also what track did you get into?

    and of course congrats by the way!
  13. by   lovepink01
    They told me I would hear by Thursday the 5th or Thursday the 12th. As she wasn't sure which Thursday the committee met. I heard on Thursday the 5th. So I am assuming they met on the 5th of April and then she called me after. I am doing Adult/Gero. Thank you!!