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UMASS GEP application 2012 - page 2

Has anyone heard back on their applications yet??? I submitted mine somewhat early thinking that I would hear back early but that hasn't happened yet. I have no idea when I will hear anything and... Read More

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    @bluskyy: I am going to visiting students day, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by the thought of living in NYC also! haha.
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    congrats to all of you! I only applied to UMASS and I'm just really hoping to get in there but I still have no idea of when I will hear of any news....has anyone even been contacted for an interview yet from UMASS?
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    Hi 42Nurse,

    Are you applying to UMASS Worcester? I am graduating from there this spring. If the process hasn't changed since I applied, they could easily interview out into March and April, depending on the quality of the applicants. Hope this is somewhat encouraging.
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    Yes! I am applying to worcester...That is definitely encouraging since up to this point I've had no idea of when I will hear've now at least provided me with some information regarding a timeline...Thanks so much!!!
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    Hey all! It's been awhile... has anyone heard ANYTHING!?!? I haven't... :uhoh21:
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    nope. i haven't heard a thing
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    woowww, umass. really?!?! i wonder if they'll wait until after spring break to conduct sloooww
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    I feel like a lot of people at the top of the list will have committed to other schools by the time they get around to interviews... maybe that's good news for those of us still waiting for an acceptance letter Positive thoughts!!!
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    I applied to UMASS GEP and haven't heard anything yet. They do interviews right? I know someone who is in the program now, and he said last year he heard in FEBRUARY! Hearing this I just assumed I was rejected! But I guess you guys are all still waiting to hear also? He said that maybe he heard back so quickly last year was because he was a male, and the demand for male students is higher. But I don't know.. Has anybody called or emailed?
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    no word yet!!!! I'm going crazy!
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    I called not last week but the week before and basically was told that they were still sorting through applications....I asked when I should expect to hear something and she thought maybe another couple weeks (meaning we could possibly hear something this week) although she didn't sound too assuring. However, this made me feel much better that I haven't been flat out rejected and that basically it is just taking them awhile to sort through the applications. She did also say that if we are to be rejected they will let us know. So lets all keep our fingers crossed we'll hear something soon & for the better!!!
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    wow I haven't seen this forum yet but it just lifted my spirits. I thought I was rejected from everywhere because I assumed UMASS had already sent out requests for interviews. Its gives me a little spark of hope that they haven't yet. Keep me posted if anyone hears anything. Thanks!
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    Got called for an interview this morning. Does anyone know if with UMASS getting an interview is like with Northeastern where it basically signifies you got in?