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Has anyone heard back on their applications yet??? I submitted mine somewhat early thinking that I would hear back early but that hasn't happened yet. I have no idea when I will hear anything and it's driving me crazy! Has anyone... Read More

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    @bluskyy- are you going to Columbia for sure, or are you going to wait to hear back from other MA schools? I was accepted to Columbia as well and am trying to decide if it would be a good place for me! congrats on your acceptance btw

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    I should have applied to Columbia... grr. No accepts yet... and I'm very very scared that I won't receive any. My undergrad GPA barely made the cut due to some freshman year struggles but I made up for it in my prereqs and last 60+ credit hours. My GRE scores were average around 1100 or so (according to the new scale) so I'm not sure what will happen for me. I also got rejected from Pace and Southern Maine last fall before they had my transcripts... money down the drain...

    Still waiting on UMass, Northeastern, Marquette and Jefferson... where else did you apply, bluskyy? And congrats on Columbia! I didn't mean to sound like a super jealous mean girl...
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    @silvrdove: congrats to u, too! i don't know for sure if i'm def attending columbia yet. it's really costly and moving to nyc scares me a bit. will u be attending visiting day?

    @gglove317: thanks! i applied mainly to schools in the ma area like mgh, umass, regis and northeastern. i think everyone had his/her moments of fear for not getting accepted. i did, too, but i'm sure everything will turn out fine for u. schools don't just look at one or two factors, they look at the complete package. u seem really dedicated to become an NP =) it's only mid feb and we won't be hearing back from everywhere until the end of march, so just hang in there and good luck!
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    @bluskyy: I am going to visiting students day, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by the thought of living in NYC also! haha.
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    congrats to all of you! I only applied to UMASS and I'm just really hoping to get in there but I still have no idea of when I will hear of any news....has anyone even been contacted for an interview yet from UMASS?
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    Hi 42Nurse,

    Are you applying to UMASS Worcester? I am graduating from there this spring. If the process hasn't changed since I applied, they could easily interview out into March and April, depending on the quality of the applicants. Hope this is somewhat encouraging.
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    Yes! I am applying to worcester...That is definitely encouraging since up to this point I've had no idea of when I will hear've now at least provided me with some information regarding a timeline...Thanks so much!!!
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    Hey all! It's been awhile... has anyone heard ANYTHING!?!? I haven't... :uhoh21:
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    nope. i haven't heard a thing
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    woowww, umass. really?!?! i wonder if they'll wait until after spring break to conduct sloooww

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