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Hi, Anyone applied for the accelerated bsn in umass boston 2012?... Read More

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    Got the same letter as Journey.. looks like our chances of getting off the waitlist are pretty slim.. plus, we should know by May 30th?? doesn't the program start June 1st?

    Journey.. did you apply to curry or any other Boston area schools?
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    No i only applied to umb and massbay as a back up but thats only an RN program.
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    I still haven't heard anything and had my interview first week of March. Something is very strange about how this whole process has gone.
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    I also received a letter saying that I am waitlisted. I received the letter on March 23. I'm pretty sure the first day of classes is May 28, but I think they give until May 30 to inform the waitlist incase some people drop out after the first day or two.
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    They appear to be very unorganized or just unable to handle the volume of applications they receive! Some of my items were still missing on my online app status checklist well past the deadline. I kept calling because I wanted to make sure they in fact received everything and that I had a fair chance of being looked at. They just said not to worry about it and then finally someone asked me to resubmit what was missing at the end of Feb. I don't think they got to my app until Feb 29th... I was probably the last one they looked at...

    Talvo, that's a good point. I guess I didn't consider the fact that some people might drop out?? Figured everyone who accepts admission would want to stay!
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    It's also possible that some people may be waiting to hear from other programs to which they applied. If they are accepted to another program that they prefer, they may change their mind at the last minute. Curry doesn't notify applicants until May. Simmons just sent out an email stating that they have additional spots available for the July start, which means that people applying for those spots may not find out until May as well. So, there is a chance some spots at any school could open up as more schools send out their acceptance letters.
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    Hey, would any of you guys like to start up a FB group or something for the class graduating in 2013? So we can all have a place to talk?
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    i just got off the waitlist today. i am SO excited!!
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    ahm24 good for you!! Did you get something in the mail?
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    I got an email, but they said the letter was on its way!
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    Congrats ahm24! Do you happen to know what number you were on the waitlist?
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    i was number 5