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Umass Amherst Second Degree - Fall 2013

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I didn't see anyone post about the up and coming fall 2013 cohort for Umass Amherst so here it is! I just got accepted and wanted to discuss anything and everything about the school to make a hard decision of whether to go there or not. Goodluck everyone!
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    I just got my acceptance as well. I'm on the fence between UMass and getting an ADN in my state. I'm thinking UMass will be my best option. I've read that it's really hard but I'm prepared for it. Plus, it's one of the cheaper ABSN programs out there.
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    Yeah thats one reason the cost is so much cheaper than other schools. Do you know exactly what tuition and the program cost? I haven't had the chance to call or anything. If the location was near a city it would be a done deal but its hard to get to from airports.
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    The program cost that I found is:
    Tuition is $29,640,
    Registration fee is $225
    Health Insurance is $3420
    Books, Uniforms, Misc is $6179

    I haven't factored in room and board yet. The airport situation might be a bit sticky. But the way I see it, it's only 17 months of seclusion from friends and family.
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    hello! I also recently got my acceptance letter. I'm kind of on the fence since I live on the west coast and the airport situation was a turn off. It seems shuttle is the best choice, but one of the services costs $48 one way and the other didn't list their prices. :\
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    I got accepted for the Fall 2013 cohort at Umass Amherst as well! Anyone from Los Angeles?
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    Yeah I just talked to a family friend who went to Amherst, she says to fly into Hartford, Conn and drive 45 to the school...Thats the best/easiest way.
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    Jess- Nope sorry! From the Fort Lauderdale area in FL
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    Hi Jess, I'm a born and raised Angelino but I recently moved to the east coast. Are you planning on choosing Amherst?
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    Valeenal- hey I just noticed my comment didn't post, wanted to say thank you for looking up tuition and stuff!
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    Yes, I will be attending Amherst. I am a bit overwhelmed regarding housing. Where on the east coast are you living?
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    I live in Vermont, about two and a half hours away from Amherst. I'm going to look for an apartment when I go down for orientation. I really don't want to commute every day.
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    Hey guys, I was also accepted to UMass Amherst and is one of my top choices. I graduated this past December from Umass. It's a really great school and the nursing program is one of the best! Just thought I'd say hello to potential classmates!