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Hi everyone! I didn't see anyone post about the up and coming fall 2013 cohort for Umass Amherst so here it is! I just got accepted and wanted to discuss anything and everything about the school to... Read More

  1. by   jmr0620
    Hi all
    Would you guys be willing to share some background information (previous degree, gpa, etc). Just trying to figure out where I went wrong. thanks and congrats to all that were accepted!
  2. by   kmp23
    Not at all, I am a senior at Florida State University receiving a bachelors in Family and Child Sciences. My gpa is 3.5 and pre-req gpa is 3.7-3.8. Thank you and keep your head up! Maybe call and ask an admissions person what you could do better to improve your chances?
  3. by   nantots

    Itulloch21 - Would you say Amherst is a safe place to live?

    For those that are coming from out of state: are you planning on driving/shipping/leasing a car there? I have yet to decide which is the better option.
  4. by   ltulloch21
    definitely! i've never felt unsafe at the bars at night or walking home with my friends. I mean there are crazies everywhere so you gotta be careful no matter what I suppose. but i really dont have any complaints my whole time at Umass so thats good! Where are you coming from?
  5. by   jmr0620
    Hi Kmp23
    thanks for the info! I apprecaite it
  6. by   ltulloch21
    Okay all, so I am trying to create a fb group and am not having very much luck! It seems that it will only let me create one if I add my friends as members. So if someone else knows how to do it go right ahead! otherwise I think we have to become friends and it should work?!
  7. by   nantots
    [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Itulloch21 - Thanks for the reply! I'll be coming from California, so the opposite coast. It'll be a big change/move for me as I've never been out of California for school. I'm a bit nervous, but the program is soooo much cheaper than any other program I've come across. Yea, to make a group on FB you have to have friends you can invite into it first.
  8. by   ltulloch21
    Oh ya that'll be a change! But you'll love the east coast. New England is the bestttt! Just don't forget a warm coat!

    To everyone who would like to join the facebook group if you want to friend me I will do the group and add you; my name is Lauren Tulloch I am under the University of Massachusetts Amherst network and studied kinesiology. If you can't find me let me know!
  9. by   nantots
    Itulloch21 - Okay, I added you! (: You said you lived on campus, right? How are the rooms? Are they spacious/nice/old? I am thinking of applying for on campus apartments since it'll be easier and I won't have to buy furniture etc.
  10. by   ltulloch21
    facebook group is created! it's under Umass Amherst Second degree nursing 2013. join
  11. by   kmp23
    Hey Lauren I just added you on fb and messaged you but it said it went to your other inbox whatever that means?
  12. by   ltulloch21
    I have no idea what that means! can you add yourself in the group?
  13. by   valeenal
    jmr0620, I have a BA in Art History from UCLA, with a college gpa of 3.55 and a pre-req gpa of 3.65. I'm sorry you didn't get into UMass; don't give up, the right program will come up.

    Itulloch21, thanks for setting up the facebook group. I'm excited to get to know everyone that will be attending orientation!

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