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Hi everyone! I didn't see anyone post about the up and coming fall 2013 cohort for Umass Amherst so here it is! I just got accepted and wanted to discuss anything and everything about the school to make a hard decision of whether... Read More

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    Hi Kmp23
    thanks for the info! I apprecaite it
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    Okay all, so I am trying to create a fb group and am not having very much luck! It seems that it will only let me create one if I add my friends as members. So if someone else knows how to do it go right ahead! otherwise I think we have to become friends and it should work?!
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    Itulloch21 - Thanks for the reply! I'll be coming from California, so the opposite coast. It'll be a big change/move for me as I've never been out of California for school. I'm a bit nervous, but the program is soooo much cheaper than any other program I've come across. Yea, to make a group on FB you have to have friends you can invite into it first.
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    Oh ya that'll be a change! But you'll love the east coast. New England is the bestttt! Just don't forget a warm coat!

    To everyone who would like to join the facebook group if you want to friend me I will do the group and add you; my name is Lauren Tulloch I am under the University of Massachusetts Amherst network and studied kinesiology. If you can't find me let me know!
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    Itulloch21 - Okay, I added you! (: You said you lived on campus, right? How are the rooms? Are they spacious/nice/old? I am thinking of applying for on campus apartments since it'll be easier and I won't have to buy furniture etc.
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    facebook group is created! it's under Umass Amherst Second degree nursing 2013. join
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    Hey Lauren I just added you on fb and messaged you but it said it went to your other inbox whatever that means?
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    I have no idea what that means! can you add yourself in the group?
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    jmr0620, I have a BA in Art History from UCLA, with a college gpa of 3.55 and a pre-req gpa of 3.65. I'm sorry you didn't get into UMass; don't give up, the right program will come up.

    Itulloch21, thanks for setting up the facebook group. I'm excited to get to know everyone that will be attending orientation!