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Hi all, Just thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone else applied for admission to UMass Amherst for Fall 2012. I hear it's really competitive....I'm nervous!... Read More

  1. by   dbabklyn
    Quote from lhiver
    I'm in NYC too -- let's meet up for coffee and fall plans discussion!
    sure PM your info
    Just out of curiosity - why are you 98% sure that you will choose UMass over Wagner and UMDNJ?
  2. by   dbabklyn
    Quote from andrewmorgan
    You guys mind posting your academic stats?

    Also do you think they emailed everyone yesterday or still in the process?

    I know I am probably holding onto a tiny piece of hope, but It is all I have...
    I think they are still in the process of emailing people. As long as you did not get a rejection letter there is still hope! Good luck
  3. by   mcbanfield
    Andrewmorgan: Hang in news is good news at this point! 3.64 in undergrad, 3.8 in the required prereqs, 100 + hours of relevant internships. Good luck!
  4. by   rach0019
    Andrewmorgan: Hang in there, I wouldn't worry just yet! Sending you good luck thoughts! My undergrad GPA (so far without this last semester calculated in) is 3.73. My prerequisite GPA is around a 3.9 I believe. I have worked as an EMT for two years and as a student medical assistant for two years as well.
  5. by   terryann8
    Also got accepted. Congrats everyone. I'm currently in the Boston area but have spent a lot of time in western mass. I would definitely recommend a car! It's pretty hard to get anywhere outside of Amherst without one.
  6. by   EmmaNP
    I havent heard anything either.....
  7. by   luce8888
    Has anyone who hasn't heard back yet called the admissions office? I thought about calling today but I was too nervous they'd tell me I didn't hear because I didn't get in...
  8. by   sarang31
    I also didn't get an email... Im getting sad!
  9. by   sarang31
    did anyone call the admissions office to see if they were still accepting students at this point??
  10. by   shamrock529
    Hi everyone! So congrats to those that have gotten in and fingers crossed for those that are still waiting to hear! I had a question for everyone (and alumni!)
    I am relocating from California. I know that they suggest bringing a car; however I was wondering where our clinicals tend to be and if public transportation would work? I read that clinicals can be in New Hampshire and/or Boston! Is that only for our internship the last semester? It seems absurd to drive that far just for the day. Or can you pick to have your clinicals close to UMass? If anyone has any insight or information on this that would be awesome and greatly appreciated!
    Thanks so much!!
  11. by   TriDosha
    Clinical placements are around Western Mass, but the internship during the final semester could be anywhere. Public transportation is reliable, but very limited. For example, you cannot get from Amherst to Springfield (to Baystate Medical where there is a clinical placement) or the Berkshires via public transportation. However, I believe the clinicals are set up so we do them with other classmates and can rideshare.

    On a different note - how many have taken chemistry? I wanted to find out if it would be recommended to have chemistry prior to taking pharmacology?

    Would love to hear your thoughts.
  12. by   Viridian
    I have not taken chemistry in nearly 5 years...I think that if they don't require it as a pre-requisite, we should be able to get through pharmacology without advanced knowledge of chem, or maybe with just a little brush up on the concepts.

    Has anyone received any sort of packet about registration and such in the snail mail yet?
  13. by   dbabklyn
    Not yet. I'm still waiting for their snail mail package.