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Hi all, Just thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone else applied for admission to UMass Amherst for Fall 2012. I hear it's really competitive....I'm nervous!... Read More

  1. by   shamrock529
    Yes sure my email is bridgetmloper@gmail.comMy name is Bridget look forward to talking to you!!
  2. by   dbabklyn
    Quote from shamrock529
    Dbabklyn, nyu would be awesome!! But probably also pricey. Rochester is $60,000 in tuition alone...where did you hear that sum for umass? I was told $29,000 for tuition?
    I found the orientation info from last year and the total was over $50,000. I'm not sure about just the tuition. I guess we'll know when they send us the package
  3. by   lhiver
    Hi new friends!
    Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted. I was hoping to start the exchange of emails, etc. so we can get acquainted. Also, I've never been to Amherst and am 98% sure I'm going to pick UMass over Wagner and UMDNJ so would love to get any info regarding apartments close by and a bit about the town if anyone can share your wealth of knowledge!
  4. by   lhiver
    I'm in NYC too -- let's meet up for coffee and fall plans discussion!
  5. by   gogators1919
    Anyone in Boston?
  6. by   rach0019
    I am out in Amherst right now but will be near Boston during the summer!
  7. by   mcbanfield
    Hey I just found out I got in! Sooo excited! I'm from California too, what part are you from?
  8. by   mcbanfield
    @ shamrock Hey! I just got in, so excited! I'm from San Francisco Bay Area, what part of California are you from? They recomend that you get a car because we have to go to clinicals all over the place and public transportation doesn't always run. I may lease a car for the 17 months rather than drive all the way there. What are you doing about housing?
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  9. by   TriDosha
    Gogators1919: depending on where you want to live, there is a lot of (student-type) apartments available - from 800-1200. If you're sharing, it should be reasonable. I live 18 miles south of Amherst and the rent is a little more reasonable. However, if you're not interested in student housing - there will be quite a bit available beginning next month on Craig's List -> western mass.

    During the orientation session, it was recommended to have a car - for the practicals. However, you might be able to carpool.

    So excited for everyone - can't wait to meet in September.
  10. by   gogators1919
    Thanks for the info! Yea I'm trying to find a roommate- preferably anyone who got into the program. Yea I will be bringing my car... Is there anyone out there who would want to share an apartment?
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    Can I remind everyone that as per the Terms of service of site we respectfully ask that you do not solicit the membership and advertise for room mates etc.
  12. by   andrewmorgan
    You guys mind posting your academic stats?

    Also do you think they emailed everyone yesterday or still in the process?

    I know I am probably holding onto a tiny piece of hope, but It is all I have...
  13. by   luce8888
    andrewmorgan - we're in the same boat! still haven't heard anything :/