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UMass Amherst Second Bachelors Fall 2012 - page 4

Hi all, Just thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone else applied for admission to UMass Amherst for Fall 2012. I hear it's really competitive....I'm nervous!... Read More

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    Congrats! I'm still waiting...
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    Congratulations dbabklyn!!

    I just got my acceptance email! I hope everyone here gets good news as well!

    DBabklyn: will you be relocating for the program, or do you already live in Western Mass?
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    I will have to relocate. I'm from NYC.
    congrats to you too TriDosha
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    Congrats guys!!!!

    I still haven't gotten an email....I hope that's not a bad sign....!
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    Hi everyone!
    I just found out I got into the 2nd degree program as well! I am so excited. I also got into University of Rochester so I am so torn-UMass is much cheaper but longer. I am coming from California!
    Do you guys know if we need a car for school? And have you all thought about living yet?
    Congrats to everyone!

    My parents both went to UMass and loved the school!!
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    I got my acceptance email this afternoon too!

    For anyone who didn't get in - don't take it too hard and just keep at it. I think this was a particularly competitive group and if you apply again for the next cycle, they'll see that you are really persistent and dedicated.

    For those that did get in - congrats and see you in the Fall! I've been living in the valley for the past year and I'd be happy to answer questions for those re-locating.
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    I just got in! So...I'm a 26 y.o. Male- any other males make it in also?
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    Has anyone else still not heard anything?? gogators1919, what time did you get the email?
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    Hey everyone,

    I just joined this site today and also just found out I was accepted in to the Second Bachelor's Program at umass. I am currently a senior undergraduate student attending umass so if anyone has any generic questions about umass or the surrounding area please feel free to ask. Congratulations to everyone that got in and good luck to those that haven't heard yet!
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    Hi everybody!

    I got an acceptance email today, as well! Good luck to those of you who are still waiting to hear back, and I can't wait to meet all my future classmates!
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    Luce8888- I got it around 5pm
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    Still nothing...guess I didnt get in... *Sigh* Unless you guys are just receiving emails or were they sent earlier?Anyways Congrats to those who did!
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    I just got an email and in the email they said they were sending letters out so it should be there soon!