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Hi all, Just thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone else applied for admission to UMass Amherst for Fall 2012. I hear it's really competitive....I'm nervous!... Read More

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    Hi Kylie002,

    I commuted from Vermont for several years with my job before moving to the valley so I understand about keeping "home base" running while you're in school/working out of town. I just tried adding you as a friend to see if I could email you directly, but let me know if you're still looking for a room to rent.

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    Lisa, I accepted you as friend on this site, but I don't know if I can get or send messages on this site yet. I'm still thinking about finding a room, but it would have to be fairly cheap as it would only be 2-3 nights per week and maybe some times not even....but, still interested. Will you be at orientation???
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    Hi Kylie,

    Yes, I'll be at orientation. Look forward to meeting you - and all our classmates - there.

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    Oh wow am super excited about this thread. So I got in umass accelerated nursing program as well…for some reason am really really scared about the program I don’t know how tough it is gonna be..especially because I have a 9 month old baby, he is gonna be a year by the time I start school..any moms out their know about government assistant for day care??
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    Is the Facebook page up yet?
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    Hey guys, I think I made the group. Add yourselves! on FB the name of the group is Second Bachelor's in Nursing at UMass Amherst.. original huh! So e search and add yourself!
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    Thanks for making the group, rach0019!

    Does anyone know anything more about the orientation aside from the date/time? I'm wondering if we'll need to bring anything specific. Also, I haven't gotten anything in the mail aside from the official acceptance letter and some financial aid info...I'm hoping there aren't important forms that I didn't receive...
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    Hi all,
    Just as an FYI - they updated the website with the orientation information. Check it out here: Second Bachelor's Track | UMass Amherst School of Nursing
    I can't wait to meet everyone!
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    Hi Rach0019: I can't find that group on FB - typed in exactly as you have it ("Second Bachelor's..etc) and no results. Likely an operator error - but wanted to check to see if anyone else having trouble accessing. Thanks.
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    Hi everyone! I just got accepted to Amherst today and am so excited! Except I am waiting to hear back from one more school to make my final decision. I was wondering what you guys like about it and prices of everything from housing to tuition. Just overall how you like the program? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!