UMass Amherst Second Bachelors Fall 2012 - page 11

Hi all, Just thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone else applied for admission to UMass Amherst for Fall 2012. I hear it's really competitive....I'm nervous!... Read More

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    @dbabklyn -- I'm new to the site so I can't PM! Email me:
    I was weighing the locations, programs, and costs. Wagner was $$ but you don't need a car, UMDNJ was reasonable and close to NYC but in a bad area. UMass had no faults except I got rid of my car when I moved to NYC so will have trouble getting around, I presume. Also, I like the 3 month internship at the end of the program -- I think it's a logical transition. Sent in my form for UMass.

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    Hey guys! I was thinking it might be nice to make a group on facebook as well so we can all chat and get to know each other before beginning the program in September! Let me know what you guys think!
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    awesome idea rach i was thinking the same thing too before you posted it
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    Great...just let us all know the group when its up and running. Good idea
    I posed this question before, but I'll try again. Anyone from or commuting from Central MA (Worcester/Auburn/Leicester area)?
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    i just received the package from UMass (in the mail) today! Soo soooo excited
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    Let me know when the Facebook page is up. Also, I just went to Amherst today and found an apartment! I also got a tour of the nursing building- IT'S AWESOME. The simulation lab is amazing.
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    Hey guys I am definitely willing to make the group on facebook but I cannot create a group without having people on facebook to add in to the group! So if you guys want to send me your names then I will make the group and then let you know the name to search on here!!
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    Nice gogators!...I'm still debating what to do. I cannot move out there as I own a house, but I might look for a room to stay in 2-3 days a week, basically just to sleep so it would have to be something pretty darn cheap
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    Yea the apartment is great- $400 a month including utilities!! And it's 1.5 miles from school
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    May 4 by kylie002
    Hi terryann...Do you live in Boston? What are your plans come Sept.??? "

    I live right outside Boston! Do you? I'm hoping to live alone (I have a dog), but a not sure what will be affordable. Looks like in the $600s is the cheapest unless I live a little farther away. I'm going to move in August. Did people's package have anything re:registration? Mine was just an immunization form. They said our Spire accounts won't be ready for a few weeks, but I'm dying to know about financial aid! I'd love to get in on the FB group too

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