salem state direct entry or asn?

  1. 0 I am a special education teacher who is finally making the switch to the field of nursing with the goal of becoming a PMHNP. I have mulled around with the idea for about 6 years now. I have a BA and MS already but was recently accepted to Lawrence Memorial/Regis for Spring 2013. I will start my prereqs at that time and a nursing course in Fall 2013. I am now wondering if I should just do my prereqs and apply to Salem State's Direct Entry MSN. My husband works for a state school and I would be able to go there for free, plus during the same time come out with a MSN vs an ASN. I have read about the accelerated programs and I am a little nervous about if I should go the MSN route instead. Any input would be great! As a side note, I got my MS in 2004, 3.79 and BA in 2001, 3.63.
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    I am also a career changer and have a couple of graduate degrees. I am currently in a ASN program and have two years experience as a nurses is my two cents...LMH Regis is completely overpriced, roughly 30k for an ASN and you will still need to continue your education since most places in greater boston want at least a bachelors...since your spouse is a state employee you wouldnt have to pay tuition but still pay class fees which is where most of the costs are...
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    thanks paratroopa, I guess paying that much AND still needing to continue on wouldn't be worth it in the end...I will apply to Salem State and hope for the best! I am currently doing a CNA you feel that the experience you have been gaining is invaluable?
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    I'd go the Salem State route. I'll be honest... getting a job with an ASN here is next to impossible.
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    Thanks for the advice, the more that I am mapping it out, the more Salem is seeming more appropriate.
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    Also take a look at accelerated BSN programs for people who already have a Bachelors in another discipline...UMass Boston has one
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    I would go the state school route! Or an accelerated program. There are a TON in Boston!!
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    Thanks! Now my dilemma is trying to find a cc to take prereqs that don't have a ton of prereq-prereqs!
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    I did mine at BHCC and North Shore CC
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    Definitely go for the BSN or MSN route. I went to LMH/RC for my ASN and while I received a great education and loved the school itself, it was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made (and one of the most expensive). I wish I had gone the accelerated BSN route, even though it's a big cost up-front, it is worth it in the long run.
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    Thanks sbostonRN, can you believe that I have still been mulling these ideas around in my mind?! Now that I just read your comments, it does really seem worth it to do BSN or MSN. I had an interview for a CNA position last week and fingers crossed, I'll get it! She is checking my references and I filled out a form for a background check. Did you end up continuing on for your BSN?
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    I am hoping to start my BSN this fall finally!
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    Well, it has taken me almost a year later, but I did decide to go the BSN route. I start Salem State's BSN as a transfer in January. I am absolutely thrilled and nervous…I haven't been back to school in 10 years!

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