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    Hi, Have you tried Northeastern? They have a 10 week program that includes 120 hours of clinical experience. I think that they are supposed to start one on Jan 29th. Their # is 617-373-5474. Good luck!

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    Oops,sorry! I missed your post on 1/2/07. I now see that you are already aware of the Northeastern program.
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    Thanks for the info on Northeastern. I will be starting that refresher class on 1/29. Compared to the other programs out there I have found it to be the only one that will prepare me to work again with acutely ill patients. Have you gone through it yourself? If so what is your opinion of it?

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    I have not done the RN refresher. I am currently enrolled in their RN peri-operative program. I have been very happy with it.Good luck!
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    Does the Northeaster refresher program still exist?? I cannot find an active link on their site. Thanks!

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