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  1. I'm considering changing careers from human resources to nursing. I have a BS from Northeastern in Business (1999) and want to get into nursing the least expensive way possible. Anyone go to Quincy College for their ADN? I am wondering if I can bypass the English, Math, etc. courses and just take the science and nursing courses? Is anyone else in a similar situation - going from a BS in Business and wanting to get an RN? I, like many of you, don't have the financial means (or time) to do an accelerated BSN program so I want to get an ADN, get a job, then use tuition assistance to go for my BSN. I also have a newborn and work part time/ Can anyone share with me their experiences if they are in a similar boat? Also, how much did it cost to get your ADN when you already have a Bachelors in an unrelated field?
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  3. by   Praying01
    I am also in a similar situation. I have a BSW, Social work for about 2 yrs and really considering on relocating from Miami to Boston. I don't have the funds nor time to complete a accelerated Nursing program. I know I will be charged out-of-states tuition but the beats wrking here in Miami where abt 90% of the population are trying to become nurses (don't qoute me on that :uhoh21: ) I have many family in Brockton so I have no problem for housing and transportation.

    Anywhoo, I would also appreciate any information from past/present/transitional students from Quincy College.

    Thnx a Bunch in advance
  4. by   jngraham
    I attend Quincy College currently and have a BA from Umass Amherst. All my credits transferred for Math, History, English etc. However if your sciences aren't within the past 5 years you'll have to retake them. The program is nice, its in a big transition year. Lots of changes are happening. I chose the ADN route also for money purposes. QC was cheaper than an accellerated BSN. Any questions I'd be happy to answer.
  5. by   jckane
    Thanks for your replies. I think that QC is the least expensive ADN program out there in southern MA. JNGraham - are you in the full time or part time program? They told me FT is full for Sept. and the PT there is a wait list. I knew I would have to take sciences b/c I never took them when I got my Bachelors in Business. I graduated in '99 so hopefully the credits are still good for the Math,History, and English.

    How did you find the accuplacer? I tried some of the online sample tests and did ok but not great. It has been so long since I have been in school so I'd like to know how I can brush up on the subjects you are tested on. Any advice?

    I am going to get my transcripts and meet with someone at the NQ Extension to go over the courseload and program. Can you give me an idea how much you expect it will cost once you finish (not taken into account financial aid of course) and what the courseload looks like?

  6. by   RN_SummerSeas
    I so wish I had applied to Quincy instead of where I am now, I hear it is a good program, and mine, well....not so much!!!!!
    Good luck!!!
  7. by   queenie1213
    I am in the process of taking pre req's and the Accuplacer test for 1/13 part time Nursing program at Quincy College. This is a total career change and it has been over 30 since H.S. I took the Accuplacer with no prep and did well in 1 area and I am re taking it next month. If anyone has any insite as to preping or acceptance stats I would appreciate it. I do aee the Accuplacer offers items to purchase for prepping. Flash cards looks like a good one., I want to score as high as possible. Much of the testing items are from so far back I can hardly remember! Has anyone had any experience taking this test more than once or applied? I am so new to this I am not sure what to do! Many Thanks for anyones experience or help!