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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm an RN with two years experience relocating from the Chicago to Boston and wanted your input on the best places to look for Oncology positions in the area/the nursing climate in general out there. I've applied to the big hospitals: Dana Farber, Mass General, etc, but if there are some smaller clinics that I'm missing, or any advice in general for those who work in the oncology setting...I'd love to hear it!

    My current hospital is great...magnet, very supportive staff, but we have a small oncology practice with limited opportunities to administer chemo and no BMTs. I would love to go to a hospital with a really robust cancer program, however I've heard the job market is tight out there, even for those with experience.

    That said, I would really appreciate people giving it to me straight. What it's like out there for those with 1-2 years under their belt? Should I be less choosey?

    Greatly appreciate your advice!
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  3. by   gerry79
    Be less choosey and take any position in one of the city hospitals (Beth Israel, Brigham and Womens, Mass General), or apply at Dana Farbar. The climate is cool to luke warm, but you do have experience. Good luck in your search.
  4. by   PediLove2147
    I am not in oncology but I live in Boston so I have been hearing a lot about the new Yawkey Center for Cancer Care, it says it's opening in early 2011. I am not sure if you are interested in outpatient services but I am sure they are going to be hiring quite a few people and those with experience would have a pretty good chance. Here's the link..

    Yawkey Center for Cancer Care - News Publications - About Dana-Farber - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  5. by   BCgradnurse
    I would also look outside the city in places like Lahey Clinic, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, St. Elizabeth's, North Shore Medical Center, etc. More and more suburban hospitals are opening cancer centers. Some are affiliated with the big city hospitals.
  6. by   drmorton2b
    Dana Farber has a clinic in Milford, MA near Milford Hospital. Its been open for a few years now.
  7. by   jpizzle11
    I applied in Boston as someone with 2 years of tele experience...took 25-30 applications before I got some callbacks. Finally found something after a good 3-4 months of looking. So...be prepared for a longer, tougher search than you expected. But stick to it and something will probably turn up. At least, that's what my experience told me.
  8. by   cm180
    Thanks for the advice everyone! Just to update, jpizzle11 you were dead on. Took almost 2 months to get through the HR department at many of the bigger hospitals, just beginning to get interviews. Not for the faint of heart