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Hi, Years ago I met with the director of this program and really loved it. Over the past 2+ years I've been doing the prereqs and volunteering at a hospital. It began to go to the backburner because I felt an accel BSN would be... Read More

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    Hello all! I applied to PMHNP and have an interview Wednesday. Is anyone else interviewing yet? I'm nervous of what to expect!

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    Nope, no interview. I was surprised, but I had met with the admissions adviser previously so I'm not sure if that counted for anything as far as meeting me in person.
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    I got accepted for PMHNP!! Has anyone else heard yet?
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    Also just got in for the PMHNP program! Congrats oau3!
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    Quote from PsychNurse13
    Also just got in for the PMHNP program! Congrats oau3!
    You too!
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    oau3- Is that for the online track or traditional program?
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    Sj- traditional
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    Does anyone know if you can defer to the following semester after being accepted into the hybrid program?

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