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    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone else had applied to the Northeastern Direct Entry program this year? I just submitted my application (a little late I know.. didn't really know about their rolling policy!), and I was wondering if someone could tell me whether or not I have a shot- 790Quant/590Verbal/4.5Written, GPA 3.52, worked as an EMT and at a local hospital as a research assistant. Do I have a shot? Thanks for any advice/feedback!

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    Oh dear, I didn't know about their rolling admissions either! Sounds to me like you definitely have a shot.
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    I only heard about it through people on here- not sure where they heard it though! It didn't say anything about it on the website. Good luck!
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    Hi Again, Any idea when we're supposed to hear? And by email or letter? Thanks!
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    I heard that some people already got notified about interviews by a phone call.. I didn't hear anything though! I did get accepted to MCPHS-Manchester though! Good luck minkewhale!!
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    Congratulations!!!! That is fantastic news. I will let you know when I hear about Northeastern (and MGH).
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    We are halfway through March and I have not heard a word from Northeastern. Any idea when they will be mailing out their decisions?

    Looks like it's time for me to make some phone calls!
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    I heard back from them a few weeks ago, but it sounds like schools don't always notify everyone at the same time. Not sure how it works. What a crazy process! I'm leaning towards their program at this point. Hope to see you there! Good luck!
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    Just spoke with the program coordinator who let me know decisions are being mailed out April 1st. There were 300 some-odd applicants for 24 slots. At this point I am guessing without an interview invite that I am a no!
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    Oh that's strange. Its so late! Good luck. You never know!

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