Northeastern Direct Entry

  1. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone else had applied to the Northeastern Direct Entry program this year? I just submitted my application (a little late I know.. didn't really know about their rolling policy!), and I was wondering if someone could tell me whether or not I have a shot- 790Quant/590Verbal/4.5Written, GPA 3.52, worked as an EMT and at a local hospital as a research assistant. Do I have a shot? Thanks for any advice/feedback!
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  3. by   minkewhale
    Oh dear, I didn't know about their rolling admissions either! Sounds to me like you definitely have a shot.
  4. by   jessleigh
    I only heard about it through people on here- not sure where they heard it though! It didn't say anything about it on the website. Good luck!
  5. by   minkewhale
    Hi Again, Any idea when we're supposed to hear? And by email or letter? Thanks!
  6. by   jessleigh
    I heard that some people already got notified about interviews by a phone call.. I didn't hear anything though! I did get accepted to MCPHS-Manchester though! Good luck minkewhale!!
  7. by   minkewhale
    Congratulations!!!! That is fantastic news. I will let you know when I hear about Northeastern (and MGH).
  8. by   miss_mimi
    We are halfway through March and I have not heard a word from Northeastern. Any idea when they will be mailing out their decisions?

    Looks like it's time for me to make some phone calls!
  9. by   BHCHP
    I heard back from them a few weeks ago, but it sounds like schools don't always notify everyone at the same time. Not sure how it works. What a crazy process! I'm leaning towards their program at this point. Hope to see you there! Good luck!
  10. by   miss_mimi
    Just spoke with the program coordinator who let me know decisions are being mailed out April 1st. There were 300 some-odd applicants for 24 slots. At this point I am guessing without an interview invite that I am a no!
  11. by   BHCHP
    Oh that's strange. Its so late! Good luck. You never know!
  12. by   choco80
    Same here - no interview invite for me, so I'm assuming I will be rejected on the 1st (or perhaps I can hope to be waitlisted?)
  13. by   BHCHP
    Anyone hear from MGH?
  14. by   miss_mimi
    I read somewhere that MGH is sending notifications out by the end of this or next week. There is an MGH thread on allnurses. Let me see if I can find the link.