New Grad RN - employment options???

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    Hello all,
    I've been an RN in Boston since 7/09 and (clearly) haven't had much luck with finding a job. I've applied to over 70 jobs. I went to school in NY and realize that this makes it even more hard to find a job because I don't have any connections. But,!!! I refuse to loose hope. I'm looking at nursing homes, medical centers, hospitals, will hopefully doing part time stuff as a flu shot nurse, etc. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice as to what other employment options I may have in the interim before I find an RN job. I know that I could easily find a job as a waitress but would really love to do something in the medical field. Please help!!

    Thank You!

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    What about home-care as an option?
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    I can feel your pain. I also graduated last spring (with BSN and internship) but luckily able to find a job very close to my home. I also applied many hospitals and nursing home online but have not heard a word from them.. I got my job when I walked in to a nursing home to talk to the DON. I got the job the same day I filled out the application..So my advice for you is to do the same thing. Start going to some local nursing homes, you will find a job soon.. I guess, I have to wait a little longer to find my dream job in a hospital.. BTW, I also did my nursing school in another state and I think it is not a big wishes
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    Thanks for the advice.

    I did a week long home care thing for an agency working as a health aide. It was one of the worst experiences....ever. I'm nervous to work as an RN doing home health just because it would just be me out there with no one around to ask questions.

    I'm planning on going to some nursing homes tomorrow. Any suggestions? Thanks again.

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    A small suggestion, wait until next Monday because a lot of people might be on vacation. However you never know your lucky day..
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    Good suggestion. I now have an interview somewhere north of Boston. The DON picked up the phone and basically said that there is no way I'll hire you if you're a new grad..but do you have any experience? I said that I had two years experience as a CNA and did a bit of home health. She sighed and told me to come in Tuesday. Hahaha...
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    Great Did I tell you will find one soon :wink2:..I am so happy for you!, now you will all that lazy days at home. Trust me nurses are always in demand in some place or the another..I am so happy to be a nurse
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    Thanks!! She basically told me on the phone that I wouldn't get a job because I'm a new grad. However, I'll go into the interview with all the reasons she SHOULD hire me. Keep your fingers crossed! Thanks again!
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    Also, feel free to pass along interview suggestions!
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    Is this is a LTC? If so I am surprised why she is making the interview this strict..Just be cool and genuine, talk about your experiences.. ask questions about the facility; Also look up for other jobs..

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