MGH Short Stay Unit

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    I was wondering if anyone had any information about MGH's new Short Stay Unit. From what I hear it's going to be 18 beds with patients staying less than 24 hours (many coming from the ED). Has it opened yet? How many nurses are they looking for? Thanks for any information you may have!
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    Update: got a call back and they will schedule an interview!!!! So excited and I'm hoping I can get the position! Anyone have information about the unit?
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    Did you get the job? I'm interested in that unit and would love to hear more!!
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    Unfortunately when I went to the interview, they interviewed me for the ED, which was kind of strange. I should have asked about that. I talked to the NM during the interview and she mentioned she was looking for staff for the ED that month, and then the next month (which is this month now) for the Observation unit. I was kind of disappointed about that. I still haven't heard from them and it has been about 3 weeks now since I interviewed. The ED really isn't for me as it is way too fast paced. I did do my senior practicum at an ED at St. E's and learned quite a bit (didn't see any trauma though). We'll see I suppose.
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    I have an interview for the Short Stay Unit next week. I applied a few weeks ago and just heard back. I hope it works out.
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    Good luck with the interview. I've emailed the person from HR who interviewed me for a follow up, and I did inquire about the short stay unit, since that's the position I initially applied for. Hopefully I get a response on Monday.
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    Steff108, let me know how the interview goes. So got an email back from the HR person and did not get the position in the ED, but she forwarded my application to the hiring manager for the short stay unit, so if she's interested in an interview she'll get back to me. This confuses me a bit because that was the position I initially applied for!!!!!! So now I have to be considered again...though when she called me in for an interview the first time, she verified that it was for the short stay unit. However when I went for the interview it was for the ED. Very confusing and a bit frustrating.
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    DolphinRN84 what is the name of the nursing manager? Interested in pca job. You you please PM me
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    Steff108- how did your interview go? Did you ever hear back??

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