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Hey! Has anyone applied to the accelerated BSN program at MGH starting in May 2012??? If so, do you have any idea when will start hearing decisions??... Read More

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    Congrats to everyone that got in! I ended up getting waitlisted. Really hoping to get in!
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    Hi Everyone,
    It looks like I am a bit late to join the topic I was also accepted for the Summer 2012 start at MGHIHP. Congratulations to those who was accepted. Stay optimistic for those who is on the wait-list and who did not get in this time around. Could you please share a link to join FB group for our incoming class? It does not seem to show up when I search for it. Thank you !
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    Zdbstn - search MGHIHP ABSN Summer 2012
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    I did.... nothing coming up ( perhaps if the group is private it is not visible for others? )... I sent you a msg on FB.
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    Hi all,
    I'm in the class starting in May also...I'd love to join the facebook group...I couldn't find it, and I couldn't even find you Stephen! I don't know what I'm doing wrong...but if someone could help me find it I'd appreciate it!
    looking forward to meeting everyone :-)
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    Hi also, could anyone applying to for the Spring 2013 post their stats? I am very nervous about getting accepted. Could I have insight on my chances of getting in?

    -I have a very low undergrad gpa of a 2.02. I was taking care of a sick relative during undergrad.
    -Pre-req gpa is a 3.72
    -I'm working as a research technologist for about 5 years now
    -Volunteer at MGH
    -Have my phlebotomy certification
    -CPR adult/infant and First AID certified
    -Shadowed a nurse at MGH

    Currently, I am trying to get my CNA certification. Any help would be appreciated.