MGH IHP ABSN Summer 2018 - page 2

Hi, Please who is applying to MGH IHP for summer 2018? They keep extending the deadline from Nov 1st to Dec 1st and now Dec 15th. Does any one know if the the date we hear from them will also change?... Read More

  1. by   kjs91
    Just saw that the deadline was changed again to 1/03/2018.
  2. by   katie8282
    Weird! I wonder if they didn't get a very a large or very strong applicant pool?
  3. by   Lnk18
    I just called. They said that we won't be hearing back until the new year, not before winter break. Did anyone else call today and get the same response?
  4. by   kjs91
    I didn't call however, I just received an email saying thank you for applying and that my application is now under review. It also stated that the admission committee will contact me if they need any further documentation.
  5. by   Lnk18
    I received that as well back when I applied in October.
  6. by   Nursebellz....IJN
    Yea....the deadline has changed again to 1/3/18. Hopefully, early applicants get a response soon.
  7. by   JNW6
    Hi All:
    I went to the info session in December just to check out the program (I had already applied in October but never went to the info session) and asked them why they keep extending the deadline. Like somebody on this thread said, it was supposedly because of the TEAS tests. I am honestly not quite convinced this is the case, because even if somebody got caught off guard with the addition of the TEAS requirement (like I did), it really only takes a week to register or less, they are available in so many places, and you get your results right away as you leave the test. So, ok, I understand if they extended the deadline once from the original one (and one month is quite generous I think), but then again and again?.... It doesn't make sense to me, there must be other reasons.
    Anyway, during that info session the person from admissions said they were trying to make decisions before the holidays but most like they would be out some time in January and he couldn't really specify when in January. That was also before they extended the deadline till January... They said each cohort gets about 300 applicants, but I am wondering if this time they either didn't get as many or they didn't get enough qualified applicants to choose from?... I always heard this program, like many others in Boston, was very competitive, so I am really boggled by these deadline extensions.
    Anyway, good luck to all of us and I hope we will get to meet each other soon!
    What other programs - if any - did you apply to?