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Hey everyone, the application for was due yesterday, whew! I almost forgot about it. Did anyone else apply? When can we expect to hear back?... Read More

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    FYI Last year I got a thick (regular-sized) envelope in the mail (Actually they sent two identical ones, oddly) - no phone call, no e-mail.

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    i spoke with someone yesterday who said we will find out tomorrow!! i hope thats true for all of us it will be online this year and we will get an email before it is posted, telling us when to check!!!!

    thank god i have a test tonight to keep me busy studying today so i don't go more crazy than i already am!
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    Wow! I'm Excited!
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    Ah, I am so nervous to find out! Especially because tomorrow is my birthday! Good luck to everyone!
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    Wow! I'm so anxious to find out. I hope it's good news for all of us! So, adt913, when you say that after they e-mail us we can check... do we do that on the online application? Good luck everyone!
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    Ok so I got a really strange email about being on the wait list but being offered a spot in the adult/gerontology track. Anyone else get that??
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    That's weird. What speciality did you apply for and what Adult/Gero one did they offer you a spot in? Primary or Acute? Sorry, I'm just curious! I'm like going crazy waiting to know if I have been accepted.
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    hey, i also got that e-mail earlier today. it doesn't say what waitlist position you are either. I applied to the FNP track, what about you bostonstudent1220? what will you do? i'm in a dilemma since adult/gerontology was my second choice.
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    Hey hb3an! I have no clue what to do. I also applied to family and they offers me a spot in primary adult/gerontology... also not my first choice but idk what the chances are off the wait list. This is so confusing! What are you thinking?
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    I think we should e-mail them back and ask what the chances are and what waitlist position we exactly are. Since they are giving us two weeks to reply, maybe there will be others who will drop out? :/ However, I do think that the chances are slim given that the class sizes aren't big to begin with. Have you applied/gotten into any other programs?

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