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Hey everyone, the application for was due yesterday, whew! I almost forgot about it. Did anyone else apply? When can we expect to hear back?... Read More

  1. by   choco80
    I applied FNP and haven't heard anything yet. To everyone who was waitilisted and offered a spot in the adult/gero track - all hope is not lost if you are committed to doing FNP. At the admitted students session a couple of years ago there were several people who were also offered adult/gero spots who wanted fnp and took the spots and were told there was a good chance they could change a semester in to another specialty, though it was not guaranteed. good luck to you guys! Nervous about hearing myself...
  2. by   hb3an
    Thank you for the information choco80! I wonder if that information is true because in the e-mail, it was stated that there would be no opportunity for change. Good luck to you too! They still haven't contacted people who were admitted (in the e-mail, it says they were in the process of contacting them) so keep your head up!
  3. by   hb3an
    I also applied to Boston College and am waiting to hear from them. I was accepted into Azusa's Master NP program but am unsure if I want to go there. The deposit over there was $1000 too but they allowed me to pay in two separate installments so I put a down payment of $500. Would you choose Boston College over MGH?
  4. by   choco80
    Hi hb3an- Perhaps they have changed the "change" policy in the past couple of years, or perhaps they are saying that just because they know they cannot make any promises (they made that pretty clear as well - I believe they said that adult/gero people would have a much easier time switching to another speciality once in, and that there was only a chance to switch to fnp if someone from fnp switched out. That may not be their official statement on it either - I remember a couple of faculty saying that to students casually who were asking them after the info session).

    I didn't apply to BC this time around, though I did a couple of years ago. I got into BC and MGH - both were my top choices - and chose MGH. This time around I know I'd like to go to MGH and I'm hoping it works out with them - we shall see...
  5. by   bostonstudent1220
    That's interesting about Azusa's program, I wish Regis did the same thing! I'm not sure about Boston College versus MGH, they are sort of tied as my first choice. It's nice that the Boston College program is only two years, but it's more intense so that's something to weigh as well. MGH sounds like an outstanding program as well. What about you?
  6. by   hb3an
    I too love the idea that Boston College is a two year program. It means that I can get out and work faster. There's one concern I'm worried about. Do you guys (bostonstudent1220 or choco80) know if we go to a nursing school in MA and get our RN and NP license in MA, will we have to retake the test once we go back home (since I'm from another state)? I'm not sure because I know there are differ rules for meds and such depending on the state you live in.
  7. by   helperman
    Pretty sure tests are regulated by state boards of nursing.
  8. by   bostonstudent1220
    I'm not sure but I think that if you're licensed in one state, you can work in others. Other than adult/gero being only for patients over the age of 12, do you know what other major differences there are if any? I know we have a week or so to decide but I want to make sure I end up making the right decision!
  9. by   hb3an
    My friend who just finished her FNP program told me that FNP has more options when it comes to finding a job later on (if that matters). I think it is true because being an FNP allows you to work in pediatrics too. But other than that, I really don't think there's any difference. It all comes down to, do you like working with kids? LOL if not, ANP would be great. I volunteer in a hospital and a lot of NP's that work on my floor are ANPs and when I asked them why they chose ANP, most of them say they don't like working with kids. They do the same thing as FNP (work with doctors, prescribe medication, do rounds, work with RN), just differ in the age group of patients they work with.

    But, I do think that you should first speak to them before deciding. See what position you are on the waitlist and then go from there.

    Did you know that when you finish the program at MGH, you also get a Bachelor's in Nursing as well as a Master's? Boston College only provides the Master's upon graduation.
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  10. by   KDonchez
    Hey ya'll! I just got an email saying my admission status will be ready to be viewed on February 7th through my online application. (So i'm guessing tonight at midnight! AHHH) Did everyone else get this email?

    I am seriously so nervous! Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   KoKe
    I just got the same email!! Good luck to everyone!!
  12. by   BrittanyNicole90
    Same here. Good luck everyone! Do you think it's a bad sign we didn't get an admission decision by email like a few others did? So nervous!
  13. by   choco80
    Just got this email too - will be checking at midnight!