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I just applied for the MGH program starting in May 2013. Is anyone else applying here and/or anywhere else around the Boston area starting next summer?... Read More

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    Hi Dsundina! My top choice is Johns Hopkins, and then duke. MGH prob falls under 3rd or 4th for me. I'm an RPCV and JHU has a great Peace Corps program affiliated to its nursing program. The scholarship definitely helps (mine would cover about half of tuition), but there are also other great scholarship opportunities out there that I will be applying for (namely the HRSA scholarship and loan repayment program). I just wish we would know about our financial aid packages before deciding on where we are going---bc while I don't want money to be the reason why I choose a program, it does play a role. Did you apply to other schools? Why is MGH your top choice?

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    Dear Annie,

    I have the same situation with the scholarship. It was a pleasant surprise, since I didn't even know about the whole thing. I was choosing from Mass schools only, since I have family here: Curry, UMass, and Simmons. All great schools, as I heard. However, I was going to choose Curry, because it was cheaper, closer, and because it has only 43 credits in the program, and because I heard great things about it. But now, after I received the scholarship, MGH IHP is definitely my choice. Moreover, MGH IHP has higher ranking than any of the schools mentioned. (Although my husband found the UMass higher than MGH IHP). I did not like UMass at all (there are so many things I did not like about the UMass, I can elaborate if you wish; plus, I heard bad things about it). Simmons I liked, many things are great (the simulation lab, for instance, is just awesome), but biochem and 18 months into program, no, thank you. MGH has a great curriculum. And now, after couple of days of research, I hear great things about the program.

    I wish you all the luck. You seem to have freedom I don't have. The schools you're choosing are in the different states, if I am not mistaken? Tell me more about the HRSA scholarship and your experience as a RPCV?

    I applied to Simmons. At this point, I am thinking not to apply to Curry. And I am not applying to UMass for sure.

    P.S. Hospitals and other facilities don't look at the school ratings when hiring. So it does come down to the cost of tuition, I suppose. But also location, the program itself, possibilities at networking there all play role.
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    Hi dsundina!

    You are right---I do have a lot more freedom as to where I apply. For me, I wanted to apply to the best programs for nursing with emphasis on global health---so it's led me to various parts of the country. My end goal is to become a NP, so I also looked at programs where there are MSN programs as well---although I would like to wait for a few years until I go back to school for my MSN.

    I was a peace corps volunteer in Peru from 2009-2011, which is what has led me to pursue nursing. My undergrad was in nutrition, so it's not too far off, but again---my end goal is to become a NP. I worked as a community health volunteer in a small Andean village, so I've received first hand experience of many barriers to healthcare from a poverty perspective.

    The HRSA Scholarship is through the the department of health and human services and basically awards full-rides to students in nursing programs. It's need based, but also on grades/background/experience. In return to receiving full tuition benefits, you have to work in a low-income population for a number of years. There is also the same idea only in reverse---you pay for school with loans and such, then sign up to work for a low-income population healthcare facility and they will pay off your loans. For me, both of these scholarships are good choices bc I would work for low-income population anyways.

    You are right in that hospitals may not look at ranking when hiring, but at least on the west coast (I live in seattle), certain schools carry open more doors than others. There are also great alumni networking opportunities through school. In the end though, I would just like to get the best education possible at the most affordable cost for me.

    Good luck with your applications!
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    do you mind me asking what the scholarship amounts are and what your backgrounds are...I'm just curious as to how a merit scholarship is awarded. THX !
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    Hi Faith327,

    The merit scholarship that was awarded to me was not something that I applied for, so I'm not really sure about their parameters for how they decide who gets it and how much--but I'm pretty sure it's based on grades and experience. I have good grades from undergrad (3.8 gpa), where I studied nutrition and Spanish, and I have lots of healthcare experience (peace corps, currently work at a physician owned practice).

    I hope that helps. Good luck!
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    thank for your info on shcolarships. What an interesting and full life have you been leading! I wish you all the luck with your goals and good luck with getting to the school of you choice (John Hopkins, I get!!
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    Hi Faith,

    I agree with Annie, one doesn't have to apply for scholarship, they just decide on it along the way. It was a complete surprise that I got it, since I didn't even know about it. I don't have undergrad GPA, since it hasn't been calculated. My CED evaluation stated A-/B+. I have 4.0 for prereqs. And very strong recommendations. I also had a very personal experience at work, but I doubt it played part. What happens, I think, is the following. The admission's officers probably create a sheet for each candidate. They rate each achievement in their own way. For example, 4.0 GPA would get the highest number. They rate everything: experience, recommendation (1, 2, and 3), undergrad GPA, prereqs' GPA, essay. Then they add everything up and compare. I think they use the same number for scholarships.

    If one got 4.0 prereqs' GPA, but everything else got low ratings, the person may even not be accepted. See what I mean?
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    I have couple of questions, guys. First, has anyone received the actual paper letter of acceptance, or did they decide to go paperless? Second, allnurses don't notify you about a post being answered via e-mail, so every time I have to search "Summer 2012 MGH" to get here. Or is it only me? How do you get to this page?
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    Hey dsundina,

    I haven't received an actual letter in the mail. It seems as if they are going the paperless route. Maybe once the deposit is received they will send out additional information.
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    Quote from dsundina
    I have couple of questions, guys. First, has anyone received the actual paper letter of acceptance, or did they decide to go paperless? Second, allnurses don't notify you about a post being answered via e-mail, so every time I have to search "Summer 2012 MGH" to get here. Or is it only me? How do you get to this page?
    Hi there -

    When you respond to or begin a post, click on "go advanced". You will then see "bookmark" which gives you different ways to be notified or not notified at all when someone responds. HTH!

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