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I just applied for the MGH program starting in May 2013. Is anyone else applying here and/or anywhere else around the Boston area starting next summer?... Read More

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    Hi psulli2010! I have sent in my deposit to MGH and would love to hear about your experience with the program. How is the schedule and the mix of classes each semester? Have you had positive clinical experiences and are the instructors and professors supportive and interested in your success? Did you have to move to boston and if you did how did you go about finding housing? I would be relocating from an hour and a half away and was also wondering if I would need my car. Any other feedback you have to offer about the program would be greatly appreciated as well!
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    Hi all,

    Finally got an email confirming my deposit. They are having an accepted student open house in early March. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the people in our cohort!
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    Hi psulli2010. I was wondering if you could tell me about the amount of online classes that this program has in the curriculum? What is your average week like in terms of how often you are on campus in class and how often the classes are just online? I was just admitted and am wondering about the curriculum. Thanks!
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    I have a million questions I can't seem to find answers to. I can't go to the open house, and they aren't responding to emails, so I'm hoping someone here can help out...

    1. How necessary is having a car? I was hoping to just rely on public transit, but will that work out with clinicals?

    2. When will we get our schedules?

    3. When are financial aid packages coming out? I feel like I'm so far behind on loan apps!

    Thanks all!
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    I can only really speak to your first question. I lived in Boston last year and never needed a car. I know someone in the program who told me that having a car is definitely not required (many students don't) and clinicals are accessible via public transportation (they try to work around your specific situation). I know that I will be looking for an apartment near public transportation because I don't plan on having a car. It's also pretty expensive to have a car in the Boston area so I feel like it's kind of nice if you can avoid it : )

    I hope that you can have the rest of your questions answered soon! Kind of bummed that the thing tomorrow was postponed!
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    I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a facebook group for the absn summer 2013 cohort? I would love to start talking to fellow people who are going to be in the program with me!
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    can you post the link to the facebook group, i cant seem to find it!
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    If that link doesn't work, try doing a search for MGHIHP ABSN Summer 2013.
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    let me know if this works!

    MGHIHP ABSN Summer 2013
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    I'm late to the party but I'll be starting in May with you all
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    hi all, i'm an applicant to MGH institute. For all those accepted, what were your stats. I'm finishing up anatomy and I will be completing human development at this january. will that be detrimental?