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Applied for the full time program and looking forward to hearing from MCC in April.... Read More

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    I agree perseveance! I have put so much into BHSN now though and start 3rd weeks of August ... they do not waste any time ... getting your money, making you buy uniforms and getting you started. I am waiting for that call from MCC but the closer it gets the more I am going to have a hard decision ... even though I will be saving a TON of money ... good luck to you ... keep us informed

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    Now that August is here, has anyone heard if there will be an orientation soon?
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    Hello fellow nursing students!! I got called from admissions today and was offered a spot in the full day program for the fall! I am so relieved, excited and much much more!! I need to get my scrubs, books and other important paper work completed. Any suggestions, trial and error stories....greatly appreciated!! Is there an orientation for nursing students? WOOHOOO!!
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    YAY! Me too!!!! So happy Can't wait. Yes, please share all those who know about the Massasoit Nursing Program
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    Congrats to everyone in. I look forward to meeting all of you. I am ordering my books now so I can get going on the readings for first class. Anyone else coming from Plymouth or South? Would love to carpool and get some study groups going. Summer just flew by. Cant believe we start in 3 weeks.
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    I'm definitely up for some study groups! I am coming from Mansfield, looking forward to seeing where everyone is from ... hopefully will be able to share rides too.
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    Does the MCC part-time evening program go right through the summer? i applied for the one that starts spring2014.
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    Aanuszcyk: The MCC PT evening program doesn't begin until Fall 2014. That is what she said at the info session.
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    that's not what the website says or what was told to me??? strange
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    Aanuszczyk: Are you referring to the RN Part time evenings? or the LPN-RN Advanced placement evenings? The LPN-RN begins in Spring 2014 but I thought you meant the RN PT ..

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