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Applied for the full time program and looking forward to hearing from MCC in April.... Read More

  1. by   Lindsey216
    It seems like it past years there are rumors they won't come out until very late, and then everyone gets their letters. I can't imagine the applicant pool changes too dramatically in numbers in one year.

    What other schools have everyone else applied to this year?
  2. by   Shanb2
    I wonder if they are waiting for final grades for the spring semester....
    I wish they would hurry because my kids daycares are already doing their fall schedules and I need to let them know of my new work and school schedules for the fall. Fingers crossed that letters come soon!!
  3. by   Lindsey216
    Nursing admissions says definitely end of May. This year they have a new process of application review. I personally think they might push out to June. I need to know by at latest the 10th pretty much. I hope everyone is still able to go to MCC and aren't put out by another deposit. Hopefully everyone gets their first choice school!
  4. by   Wma2013
    Thats ridiculous if we don't find out until June!! It seems like their other programs acceptance letters are on track I know the medical assistant programs letters have gone out. Who knows maybe they will surprise everyone..I only applied to Massasoit so I guess I will just have to wait and see.
  5. by   hopefulRN'17
    Has anyone heard from Massasoit yet?
  6. by   Nursing Plymouth
    At the information session in December they said letters would go out the middle of May. I still haven't heard anything!
  7. by   Wma2013
    I got a letter on May 13 saying I was waitlisted :/
  8. by   hopefulRN'17
    No way!!!! I am sorry to hear that, I hope that a spot opens up for you. Did you have just the pre reqs completed? or all non nursing classes?
  9. by   Wma2013
    Yup everything's done except the nursing courses. I had recommendations from MCC science professor as well as my current employer. Ive been working in a physicians office for the past five years. I guess Ill just have to wait and see! Have you heard from any schools?
  10. by   hopefulRN'17
    No, I am not applying until grades for Fall are available. Micro is the last class that I have to take before applying. At that point, all non nursing classes will be completed. I am trying to get an idea from the people that are applying as to how things work there. (nursing wise) I went through their DA program and had a 3.35 I also am highly interested in the evening program for Fall 2014.
  11. by   Wma2013
    I think the part time program is more competitive than full time days. I have only gone to Massasoit I have completed both their Liberal Arts degree and medical assistant programs. The majority of the time at mcc I was on the deans list so I have a pretty decent gpa. Unfortunately I feel like it just comes down to chance.
  12. by   hopefulRN'17
    That saddens me. How was your TEAS? (You can PM if you want) I was there yesterday and spoke with the woman who did the info session, she said that they have changed how they do applications and they will now only look at the classes taken that are relevant to the program.. You get points based on each grade (C-3pts, B-4pts, A-5pts) and points for the TEAS (60's - 5pts, 70's-10pts, 80's- 15pts, 90's - 20pts)

    Stay positive, I have heard of people getting that call right before classes start due to some giving up their spots... =)
  13. by   laurenpim1001
    i know that everyone here is talking about the day admission and has either started or not... but just seeing if anyone applied to the evenings or know someone who has... and have they received anything yet?