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Applied for the full time program and looking forward to hearing from MCC in April.... Read More

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    I have been talking to the Dean of Nursing and she said Massasoit does not require a deposit ... which is why many of the "waiting list" doesn't open until the end of summer/beginning of the semester.

    Congrats on your choice! Good luck

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    I also am very excited and scared at the same time. Well I'll be commuting from Quincy, don't know if there's anyone in my area, would b great to car-pool, and share expenses. God help us all!
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    I am looking forward to meeting people who will be in the program this September. I am going to be going to the Nursing Orientation next Tuesday night at 6pm. (6/20) is anyone else going to that session? Hoping some people will be coming from the Plymouth area too. Would love to car pool!
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    I haven't received info on a nursing orientation session yet...I'll call MCC tomorrow...looking forward to September!
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    My bad. It is an orientation Tues night not specific to the nursing program. They said it was mandatory that I attend prior to being able to officially register. Ugh. I guess there must be another nursing orientation at some point this summer. I hope they will give us the dates soon.
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    Could someone please update if you are on the waiting list (or have a friend on the waiting list) that you got in? Just curious ... I keep anxiously checking my mail, lol.
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    Hi MCC nurses! I just graduated from the program. I have LOTS of books and study guides I'm selling if anyone is interested! I also have a couple scrubs and white jacket that you'll need. Small shirt, medium pants, small jacket. Let me know!

    Email me at

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    I just graduated this year. Was on the waiting list to get in and they called me late August. People will back out and they'll be calling. I believe they even called people the day before class began! Good luck!
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    MCC is a better choice than Quincy. One of my friends is in Quincy's program and said there are major problems/money issues over there right now. MCC is a good, cheap, safe option!
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    Hi ivegotmusicheart! I am also on the waiting list for 2012. I was told the notification will not be via mail, MCC will call if you are chosen from the waitlist. Good luck!! I wish this waiting game would end, but it's better than getting declined right away, right?

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