LPN Programs in Mass.- a couple questions

  1. I have a few questions I would love assistance with.
    1. I am applying to Quincy College- most likely the LPN- and I am curious what the Accuplacer test scores of admitted students might be. I have left a VM and emailed QC (they have been difficult to impossible to get in touch with on anything) regarding this and to make sure I have to take the test. I currently have a Master's degree, so it seems odd that I would need a general academics test.
    2. How many men went through LPN or RN programs in the Massachusetts with some of the users? Are there any men out there?
    3. I have read that the area's hospitals do not hire LPNs but I have found quite a few jobs at hospitals for LPNs posted by hospitals. Can anyone give me information on this?
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    You would be surprised how many people with Masters Degree can't pass the admission test.

    There is a male nurse section here at allnurses, over all there are male nurses in every class.

    I don't know where you are finding hospitals hiring lpns for inpatient nursing in MA. Lpns are employed in out patient clinics and skilled nursing homes traditionally.
  4. by   bdawgs
    Thanks for the reply. Based on the practice tests and what I have read elsewhere on this site regarding the placement test, I would absolutely be surprised if anyone with a Master's degree did not "pass" the test. I have done quite a few tests and read postings on the test and at this point I am not concerned.
    I am probably confused about the LPN job postings. However, I have also read on this site that some hospitals (metro west) do still hire LPNs. Those posts may be dated though.
  5. by   Ginger's Mom
    I find the students either find the test very hard or super easy.

    I just looked at the MetroWest web site and I don't see one LPN opening, and I had heard that they stopped hiring LPNS. The VA is the only area hospital that hires LPNS.
  6. by   bdawgs
    Cool, thanks for the info. Do you know of any other programs in the Boston area that offer an LPN other than QC, Shawnshee (sp?) and Roxbury CC?
  7. by   VM85
    I know that there are many job listings that say brighams and womens and mass general hiring LPN's. I think when you see a hospital with an ad, it is for an outpatient or dr office affiliated with that hospital/within the hospital. I just graduated and went to Southeastern in south easton mass. I think they are through with testing for admittance this year for full/day time(which is 10months) but i do think there is one test date left for night/part time. It is a 2 year program, but there is an opportunity to switch to full time which would bring the total time down to 18 months, I think. Blue hills also offers an LPN program. Both of these programs have credits that transfer to massasoit(and possibly quincy college) if you decide to LPN to Rn program.

    *southeastern technical institute(at southeastern regional vo tech)
    *Blue hills vo tech
    I dont know anything about quincy college so I cant answer any questions. But seeing how you have your masters, I wonder if there is a way you can go straight to an RN, since you already have a degree. I think you should get a hold of quincy college or massasoit and ask them that(unless you want to go for your LPN)
  8. by   bdawgs
    Thanks for the reply. I was not aware of South Easton- I will have to look into that. When I looked at Blue Hills- which is about 10 minutes from my house- I thought they only offered a CNA, not an LPN. Will have to look further into that as well- thanks. I am also applying to RN programs, just want to keep my options open. The LPN is attractive because I could complete that program and complete the prereqs for an RN at the same time. I have almost no science background. The hope is to work with the LPN until I get my RN, and it seems like I will need my BSN and some experience to get into what I really want to do- work in a hospital. Thank again
  9. by   VM85
    Southeastern's number is 508-238-1860. They also have a website if you google STI(southeastern technical institute). It is right off of Rt. 24, kinda by the raynham dog track. It is a realy good program, but very very hard! But I am sure they all are! Yep Blue hills does have a practical nurse program- which I also believe you have to test in. I know that southeastern uses the TEAS test for testing in but I am not sure about blue hills. And you dont need any prereqs to get into these schools either, where as I believe with quincy you do- But if you do have recent completion of any of the courses going on and can show them your college credit for it, then you can be exempt- if you want or you can choose to sit in and take the class. I also am pretty sure bristol-plymouth reg vo tech has a course and believe that many of the vo tech High schools have an adult secondary-education which have the practical nurse programs. But i do want to warn you(atleast about southeastern) You are in a highschool- not taking classes with any highschool students, its all adults. We had our own seperate section in the school on the first floor- But it is def not like going to classes at college. Full time, the day started at 8 am had our classes and breaks(which were like 5 mins, with 1 15 min break) lunch at 1145 and after lunch classes until 210pm. It wasnt a come and go atmosphere like college, you are there and it honestly feels like highschool. You can leave, you just have to "dismiss" yourself. And you can be absent but only like 7 times for the whole year which @ STI is form sept3 until july8th. But it was worth it. Anyways hope this helped and good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  10. by   bdawgs
    Thank you so much for all of this info..everyone. I plan on applying to a few LPN programs and will look into these. I now plan on applying to RN programs. I took the test at QC and, from what I have been told, I scored very high and the advisor thought I should go right into an RN. We will see...still trying to figure things out and I am sure I will be back on here soon looking for assistance. Thanks again to everyone

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