LPN/LVN Salaries in Ma

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    I'm curious to see what the salaries are like for lpn/lvn.

    Part of MA (eastern, central, western)
    Years of Exp.
    Ray Rate


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    hey I am pretty much a new grad LPN just reached 1 yr experience. I get 24/HR at the local SNF/LTC. Doctors offices is about 18/HR.
    Hope this helps!
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    Lowest you will see is $18 at a Doctors Office and usually $22-$25ish as the poster said above at the LTC.
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    I am a new grad, working in a local hospital and i am only making 16.50/hr. I thought because i had been working there for a long time prior to being a nurse, making 15 as an aid that i would have made alot more..boy was i wrong.

    currently looking for better paying job
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    I work as an RN in a LTC/SNF but I know the starting salary for new grad LPN's as well.
    eastern MA, $21.50/hour for new grads, not sure how much it goes up from there.
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    Eastern MA
    LPN subacute care per diem $27.50/hr (+ shift differentials)
    3 yrs as an LPN

    Eastern MA
    Private duty nursing $30.25/hr (nights)
    New grad RN with BSN + history as an LPN

    Eastern MA
    Hospital in Boston area $29.50 ( + shift differentials)
    New grad RN with BSN + history as an LPN
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    Thank you so much for the info....quite helpful!!

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